Autumn in North Vancouver

Autumn in North Vancouver…..this is a view of Lonsdale Quay public market.
The day is getting shorter day after day…..

_1080128There was a huge container ship in the inlet.


It is still nice and worm…but  just quiet compare to summer time…

Panasonic GX1 14-42mm, 45-150mm

Vancouver BC, Canada by film





Those were taken in Vancouver B.C. Canada by film in 2005 summer.

When we use digital cameras today, we are quite satisfied or think those images were way better than film days….but when we look back old photos, they are not bad at all… or we can say, they have more “information” compare to digital.

It is similar to difference between CD and record. When CD first came out, we were surprised with the noiseless clear sound….but soon noticed it was tasteless.

Due to the poor film environment, it is not easy to go back again.

Those were the day, I was using full-mechanical camera and adjusting everything manually. It is not that long ago and Canon F-1 did quite good job….but the skill has been lost now…,

Canon F-1 New FD20-35mmF3.5, 50-135mmF3.5, FD200mmF2.8

Spanish Bank beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Spanish Bank, Vancouver BC Canada 1
Autumn is arriving to Vancouver.

There is more clouds in the sky and before the sunset, it created dramatic lighting.

Spanish Bank beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada2

Spanish Bank beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada 3

Summer is going and the sunset is getting earlier…..but it is the time for photography here in Vancouver.

Panasonic GX1 Panasonic 45-150mmF4-5.6

Thanks for the compact Panasonic micro Four-thirds system…I can carry 300mm lens to anywhere.