Slide show…View of Montreal BGM: O- Jeux d’eau

This is a slide show of Montreal and Quebec city.
BGM is “O- Jeux d’eau” by “Cirque Du Soleil”.
This Montreal based music has quite strong Latino taste and is the perfect
much to the beautiful landscape.


Quebec City, Canada


Quebec City is 3 hours away by bus from Montreal.
This is the oldest city in North America which is established in 1608 and registered as UNESCO world heritage site.

It had been snowing since the day before in Montreal….but bus was on time and did not have any delay.

Quebec City is the only North American city which has “defensive walls” like old European cities.


Quartier du Petit Champlan……this is known for the oldest shopping area in North America.

KICX1809 Now, we are at the top of the hill…..the biggest building is a Hotel “Château Frontenac”.


Due to the old fortification, We can see this kind of view which is like old Europe.

KICX1828Sun came out through the heavy snowy clouds. The sun created dramatic color.

KICX1926sWinter day is very short in Quebec….3PM,it started getting dark and at 4:20PM, we are already in twilight time.

The Christmas decoration was pretty in the snowy “Quartier du Petit Champlan.

High -3℃, Low -13℃… was even colder than Montreal. In this weather, I had to swap Camera battery over to worm them up regularly.

On the way back to Montreal, we were in complete dark and did not have any view from the bus.

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Swowy day in Montreal, Canada

Snowy day in Montreal 1Montreal is quite cold during the winter.  It is much more than we get in Vancouver. After 10 hours of train trip from New York, the weather was completely different.

Snowy day in Montreal 2So, even with the heavy snow, the city life does not change a lot.

Snowy day in Montreal 3

I came to Old Montreal as usual… is snowing badly…..but it is the normal thing to local people. There are still quite a few tourists and horse carriages. The red blanket was creating good contrast in the snowy landscape.

Snowy day in Old Montreal

Rue Saint Paul is all covered by snow….but still it is normal.

Snowy night in MontrealIn snowy night, we get interesting lighting on photography. I did not recognize there were people at the house…..they are looking at me.

Thanks for the dry snow, I did not have any problem using camera under the heavy snow.

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Rain in Old Montreal




KICX1281 KICX1299

Those are the view of rainy day on Rue Saint Paul….the main street of Old Montreal.

Winter in Montreal is cold. It snows a lot…..This weather is a kind of warmest in this time of the year.

CONTAX Tvs Digital works quite well under cloudy or rainy weather.
Today, Auto white balance is working too much and that makes rainy or cloudy weather unrealistic.

CONTAX Tvs Digital

Twilight time at Old Montreal, Canada


When the street lights come on, the dark cloudy sky turned into purple.


In Christmas season, it is the prittiest tome of the the day.


The outside templature is far below 0 degree.


Place Jacques-Cartier is the center of the Old Montreal. It is quite busy during summer….but not at this time of the year.

The as the time goes the cloudy sky is turning more and more red somehow…..

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Old Montreal in winter_ Montreal, Canada

KICX1135Winter in Vancouver is rainy….it is always rainy.
But Montreal seems to be a little bit different. They have nice clear day, cloudy day, rainy or snowy days… well.

Some says Paris is beautiful when it is gray…..Montreal is the same. This is a show window I found at Old Montreal.


We need “Autumn leaves” by Yves Montand  for BGM.
Thanks for the Audi….it makes like more Europe…….



Rue Saint Paul is the busiest street in Old Montreal. It also has the best vies of the town and this season, Christmas illumination is quite pretty.

KICX1155Gray is the color of Paris in winter….it is same here in Montreal.
Setts and old buildings were well preserved and it is not developed too much. It is the good thing about this town.

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Old Montreal…Montreal, Canada

Old Montreal 1

The history in Quebec is much older than Vancouver.
It is originated in 1642. Well….at least it is quite old in North America.
Another major difference is…..they are in French culture.
Old Montreal 2

Notre-Dame-de-Bonscours Chapel……Well….it is hard to  remember French name.
The old French style town is quite well preserved.|

Old Montreal 3People are more fashionable and more art work in this town.|Old Montreal 4
Buildings are French….and so as traffic signs…..It does not look like North America.

Old Montreal 5Only problem here is….all the cars on the street are Japanese and Americans.
Japanese cars never has design and so as modern Americans.
Peugeot or Citroen….those ware what we need in this town. I always think car design is a part of landscape.

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