Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach is not only clothing-optional beach, but also it is part of National Park.

When I was here, the evening sun was creating such a dramatic view.

But…..when I took it, it came as such a boring photos.

Wreck Beach original
This is the original of it….well….it is so boring….

So, what I did was….duplicated layer, then channel masked at the line of trees and removed sky, then created new layer between and added some cloud by using “Cloud brush”.Wreck Beach 2
It looks a bit better…but not good enough.

So,press “ALT, CTRL, Shift & E” to duplicate what I have now¬† and changed blending mode to “color dodge”.

Wreck Beach 3

This created dramatic sly, but all the green turned into shadow.
So, I copied the Channel mask I made before and inverted it. This is how, the blending option is working only around the sky and water.

Wreck Beach 4

It is much better…but we can make it better.

Again, press “ALT, CTRL, Shift & E” to duplicate whole things, then change blending mode to “Color Dodge”.

In that case, the green looks more dramatic, but I completely lost the sky.
This means if I mask out at the sky, it will look perfect. So, I copied channel mask which I made at the beginning and pasted to this layer.

Wreck Beach

It looks perfect.
I sometimes think digital cameras are more difficult than films due to unnecessary automatic adjustments and narrow dynamic range.

But, at least Photoshop can do lots of things like this example.

Panasonic GX1 + Panasonic 14-42mmF3.5-5.6



Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Wreck Beach, Vncouver BC CanadaWreck beach is located in Vancouver, BC and known as a largest Clothing-optional beach in Canada.

Now the summer is ending and we are started having more cloud in the sky.

The contrast between dynamic cloud, beautiful beach and mountains at the back and those ladies with parasol were quite interesting.

12:11PM…the beach was still nice and quiet….

Panasonic GX1 45-150mmF4-5.6


English Bay, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

English Bay, Vancouver BC Canada
English bay is located West end of Downtown Vancouver, BC.

This area has high volume of residence and due to the easy access from downtown, it is one of very busy beaches in Vancouver.

People come around to see the beautiful sunset.

This is something I took yesterday….well, tell the truth….it is done by Adobe Photoshop.

Those 2 girls were looking good…but I could not get good background with them. So, I removed the original background and used other one which was taken at the same time.

English bay Vancouver BC Canada 2

Sunset at English bay.

Panasonic GX1 45-150mmF4-5.6

Acadia Beach, Vancouver, Canada

Acadia Beach, Vancouver, BC 1

Acadia Beach is a small beach further west of Spanish Bank Beach.

Here, there is no more breath taking skyline of Downtown Vancouver.

Acadia Beach, Vancouver, BC 2All you see is the mountains of North Vancouver and beautiful sunset.

Acadia Beach, Vancouver, BC 3

8:18PM…..long summer day in Vancouver is getting shorter day after day…..

Marine sports are quite popular here in Vancouver. People hire those at Kitsilano beach which is about 8km east from here.

Panasonic GX1 45-150mm F4-5.6

This entry level telephoto zoom lens seems to be quite good at strong back light like these images.

Spanish Bank Beach, Vancouver, Canada

Beach Volley, Spanish bank beach
In Spanish bank beach….or all the beach around Kitsilano area, beach volleyball is a quite popular sports.

I was taking view of Downtown Vancouver, then when I turned around, there was a dramatic view in front of me.

This is the best shot of the day !

Spanish bank, downtown Vancouver
This is the view of the Downtown Vancouver right before the sunset today.

Panasonic GX1 Panasonic 45-150mmF4-5.6

Spanish Bank Beach…Vancouver, BC

Spanish Bank_Vancouver, BC

Spanish Bank beach is further west of Kitsilano beach.

This is one of the best sunset view in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
From this angle, you see Stanley Park and dynamic mountains in North Vancouver.

Spanish bank 2 Vancouver BC

When you see right hand side….there is breath taking skyline of Downtown Vancouver.

Spanish bank 3Of course…the big ships are also a part of landscape in Vancouver…..

Panasonic LUMIX DMC GX1 + 45-150mm


Summer in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Kitsilano beach, Vancouver, BC

Summer day in Vancouver is very long….

This is taken at Kitsilano Beach opposite side of Downtown Vancouver.
Yesterday was Firework day and this has been taken before the firework.
9:19PM….it was the twilight time and still had some time to get dark.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC GX1 + 45-150mm
Thank you for the compact telephoto zoom and deep depth of field….that is good point of micro four-thirds system.