Shutter count for LEICA Digilux 3 & Panasonic L1

It had been a problem to check “Shutter count” on Panasonic cameras.
EXIF does not say about it and even manufucture says there is no way to check it.

But.. not anymore!

I am showing how to do it.

1. Insert SD card and battery to make it ready to take photos.

2. Set shutter speed dial to “8”.

3. Press and hold “AFL AEL” button while turn main switch ON.

4. Press and hold “Menu Set” button and “Left arrow”, then press FUNC.2 button.

5. Do 4 again.

Leica Digilux 3 in maintenance mode.

Leica Digilux 3 in maintenance mode.

PWRCNT: How many times the camera has been turned ON.
SHTCNT: This is Shutter count
STBCNT: This is for flash.

I had been looking for this for many years and finally found it.
Funny thing is… this kind of things never come out from Japanese route.


Vancouver in Winter 2014

English Bay Vancouver BC 2014

Winter in Vancouver, BC is rainy… it is always…
It is very hard to see sun during this season.

This is a panorama of English bay. It was not quite rainy… but it was cloudy all day.

Old days, this kind of weather was not good for photography, but not anymore. There are so many things we can change by Adobe Photoshop and cloudy sky can turn into dramatic sky.

English Bay Vancouver BC 2014_2

It is not cold enough for snow. It is worm enough for tourists to walk around.

The bay is always calm.

Panasonic GX1 PZ14-42mm