Oh Come All Ye Faithful…Merry Christamas from New Zealand

♪Oh Come All Ye Faithful….

This is the Christmas Carol sang by Mika Sisters who are Samoan sisters born in New Zealand.

It really sounds like Tropical Christmas… doesn’t it?

I first heard this in “Avondale Sunday Market” in Auckland in 1999. There was a vender who were selling Pacific Island style music CDs and they were playing this CD.

Christmas in New Zealand is worm… this song reminds me days when I was in New Zealand and it is one of the best Christmas Carol I’ve ever heard over there.

Mika Sisters seems to be still singing in New Zealand. But this was taken at least 14 years ago, when they were kids.

It was recorded in New Zealand by local studio and that makes it very hard to find now.
I am quite happy about having it now.

All the images are landscape of New Zealand during the Christmas season in summer.

“I wish you all have a Merry Christmas!!”

Summer in Auckland, New Zealand

L1020683R2St Heliers bay, Auckland:
It is summer in this time of year in New Zealand. But summer is getting delayed these years and we still don’t have quite clear days.

Long Bay, Auckland:
This is a New Zealand native tree called Pōhutukawa. This time of year, you can see the pretty red flowers near coast line.


This time of year, we still have heavy clouds like winter with stronger sun……it create quite dynamic landscape which is also quite different from winter.L1020365You can see the Downtown Auckland far away….and farming land just in front of me.
This kind of lighting is perfect condition for my Leica camera.
You can feel hot & humid summer air from the image.


St Heliers bay in Auckland:
In the late afternoon….the sun is creating strong contrast. Actually….this is not the good situation for Leica.

It is good to see those photos in dark, wet winter day here in Vancouver this time of the year.

Leica Digilux 3

Oh Come All Ye Faithful_Christmas in Summer

This is the famous Christmas Carol “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” sung by Mika Sisters in New Zealand.

Due to their Samoan background, the arrange is quite interesting.
I purchased the CD when I first arrive to New Zealand in 1999.

The view is New Zealand during the Christmas time in summer.

View of New Zealand in December

Rural area of New Zealand 1

December in New Zealand is summer….it supposed to be….but due to the weather change, this time of year is still a half winter.

Those are the view of rural area which is about 1/2 hour drive from Auckland. There is only one main highway and nothing else.

When Maori people first arrived to New Zealand, they call the land Aotearoa which means “the land with long white clouds“.
Rural of New Zealand 2

As they said the cloud in New Zealand is heavy and changeable.

This weather creates dramatic lighting in this season before the real summer comes.
Rural area of New Zealand 3

Leica Digilux 3

Sheep in Cornwall Park….Auckland, New Zealand

Cornwall Park_Auckland_New ZealandCornwell Park is located in Auckland, New Zealand. We can see the breathtaking panorama of Auckland city and it is also well-known for sheep.

Sheep in Cornwell ParkIt looks like middle of nowhere….but all of them were owned and this is not far from residential area.

Sheep in Cornwell Park 2There are some babies too….,

Sheep in Cornwell Park 3
Auckland weather in winter is changeable.  Clouds moved away and now we have sun.

In Auckland, we say we have 4 seasons during a day…..now spring has come……..

One_Tree_Hill_AucklandThis is the same day as the other photos. In the evening, we had a short summer here.

The hill is called One Tree Hill. It is in Carnwall Park. There used to be a big pine tree and that was how the name came from.

I was keep posting photos of New York……now I am a bit tired of city landscape….let’s have some rest…..

Leica Digilux 3 Olympus40-150mmF3.5-4.5

Waipu, New Zealand _ View of township

Waipu is a very small town 1.5 hours away from Auckland.

Waipu river _ New ZealandWaipu river is running near the township.

Waipu river _ New Zealand 2There is a boat lamp and little shop here….but It is always closed.

farm land in WaipuMain industry is….of course farming like all other small town in New Zealand.

Main street of WaipuThis is the main street of Waipu. 1 grocery store, 1 hardware store, 1 post office, 1 petrol station….and the nearest city Whangarey is 41km away from here.

Scotish culture in WaipuThis small town has Scottish heritage.

Main street of Waipu 2Again….main street of Waipu. Even in this small town, there is a Chinese “take away” shop(LH of the photo).

Rugby goal postsThis is the typical view of New Zealand. Rugby goal posts are all over the country.” Lion Red” is the No.1 local beer brand.

Rugby game in WaipuRugby is the National sport in New Zealand. During the winter, rugby is the biggest entertainment there.

This is the game between Waipu and next town. Everybody in town seems to be the rugby club building which is also a bar.

Scottish bandThis is the typical Scottish entertainment. Look at the member….old people and very young people, nothing between. This is typical in rural area of New Zealand.

CONTAX Tvs Digital

Waipu, New Zealand in winter

Waipu 1

Waipu is a small town about 1.5 hour drive to north from the largest city Auckland.

This small town is popular with the wild beaches during the summer time.
As we go north, warmer we get in NZ. This means the weather is slightly warmer than Auckland.

Waipu 2

Unlike the calm Auckland beaches, those wild beaches are popular with surfers too.

Those photos are taken about this time of the year, which means in the middle of winter in New Zealand.

Waipu, New Zealand 3

Those were taken by CONTAX Tvs Digital.

This temperamental camera with Carl Zeiss lens sometimes create crystal clear images and sometimes create like monochrome…..