Vancouver in Winter 2014

English Bay Vancouver BC 2014

Winter in Vancouver, BC is rainy… it is always…
It is very hard to see sun during this season.

This is a panorama of English bay. It was not quite rainy… but it was cloudy all day.

Old days, this kind of weather was not good for photography, but not anymore. There are so many things we can change by Adobe Photoshop and cloudy sky can turn into dramatic sky.

English Bay Vancouver BC 2014_2

It is not cold enough for snow. It is worm enough for tourists to walk around.

The bay is always calm.

Panasonic GX1 PZ14-42mm

Autumn in Vancouver…Panoramas

It is taken fisherman wharf beside the Granville Island which formerly industrial aria and now a tourist spot in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This area is not a tourist spot like the famous one in San Francisco…. but as you see, it is  a good spot to see the panorama of Downtown Vancouver.


Those photos are merged by Adobe Photoshop. 3 photos on the first one and 4 photos were used for the 2nd one.

Clouds in Autumn sky were creating perfect lighting in the evening.

It is the end of autumn and next week, our summer time is ending.

Panasonic GX1  PZ14-42mmf3.5-5.6

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English Bay, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

English Bay, Vancouver BC Canada
English bay is located West end of Downtown Vancouver, BC.

This area has high volume of residence and due to the easy access from downtown, it is one of very busy beaches in Vancouver.

People come around to see the beautiful sunset.

This is something I took yesterday….well, tell the truth….it is done by Adobe Photoshop.

Those 2 girls were looking good…but I could not get good background with them. So, I removed the original background and used other one which was taken at the same time.

English bay Vancouver BC Canada 2

Sunset at English bay.

Panasonic GX1 45-150mmF4-5.6

Panorama of Downtown Vancouver Nov.2012

Panorama Vancouver Nov, 2012We had a whole wet month and finally, we had a little bit sunny days last couple of days.

The view from this angle has changed quite a lot last 10 years. Before, it was an old industrial area by railroad has been re-developed as new residential area…..

The stadium in the middle now has a retractable roof which does not work properly raise the height dramatically and obstructing the view quite badly……or maybe it is the new landscape of Vancouver……

Panasonic GX1 14-42mm


Happy Halloween ! by Adobe Photoshop

Happy Halloween!Happy Halloween!! by Adobe Photoshop.

This is created by Adobe Photoshop.

The background is Bran Castle in Romania which is base of Dracula. Pumpkin…..just made by layers of ovals and gradient.

Unfortunately, it is raining now in Vancouver, BC… is going to be Trick or Treat in rain this year…..



Halloween picture

Halloween-old-houseHalloween is around the corner.

Halloween season is my favorite time of the year especially the decoration of show windows.

This is created by Photoshop.

The old house is from photography. Other things are brought from somewhere ales.

Grass is drawn by “Grass Brush”, Trees are brush too.

The goast background is based on this photo.

Halloween in Denver

Halloween in Denver

Fog and Clouds are brush too.

Personally I am not good at drawing…but Photoshop can create this kind of image quite easily.

Pumpkin is created from nothing.

American Taxi…..View of American city

Yellow Cab_Ford Crown Victoria

Yellow Cab Ford Crown Victoria……This is done by Photoshop on top of the other photo below.

When you go  to American cities, you will always see Yellow Cabs everywhere.

It is a part of American culture and also a part of American Landscape.

They have been using American Full size sedan for many years and lately it was monopoly of Ford Crow Victoria.

American cars are different from rest of the world. They are bigger and feel like cruise almost like land yacht.

For most of tourist, they will be the first American car to experience.

But, Ford Crown Victoria is already withdrawn and now, Toyota is now slowly taking over the position.

Yellow Cab_Ford Crown Victoria

Yellow Cab…..Toyota  Prius

If you compare those 2 photos……the first one with Ford looks way better than the one with Toyota.

Today, it is getting harder to take Street photos in the United States. This is because of Imports especially Japanese cars. Like this example, The same street photo looks way better or more America like….with the Ford Crown Victoria.

Yellow Cab will slowly get rid of old American and shift to Japanese…..that is destroying culture and landscape of America too.