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AMTRAK…….St. Barbara Station 2

This is the train we were on.

Most of people rides on top floor.

There are quite many people in and out at this station.

We did not have enough time to go out of station. So, this is the furthest point I could see.

It seems to be quite clean compare to many other AMTRAK station which are located in rough area of town.

LEICA Digilux 3

View of Coal Harbour…..Vancouver

Coal Harbour is west end of the Burrard inlet and also gateway to Stanley Park.

This area was developed last 15 years……and I just don’t remember how it used to be….

High rise condos are behind and yacht harbour along the coast line.

In a warm spring afternoon, It was a perfect lighting for Carl Zeiss Lens with Ektachrome.


Slideshow….First of May….The Bee Gees

When we say Bee Gees…..most of young people think about “Saturday night fever”…..

But in their early time, they were singing this kind of beautiful songs and most of Japanese people think those are the “Bee Gees sound”.

This is my favorite song of them and is one of the best song for this kind of photo albums.

Fist of May…….such a beautiful title……I simply think of beautiful spring in England. Flower is everywhere…..The end of School semester….lots of beautiful memories……It is a sweetest and also sentimental time of life…….

But if you want to know the true meaning of this title……please check on Wikipedia…..!

AMTRAK…..St. Barbara Station

13:47, we arrived to St. Barbara, California.

We had some break here and I could go out of the train.

In America, lots of train stations are located to old area of town. Also due to the financial situation, lots of them are very simple. But in this town, the exotic station building was quite attractive.



Spring Afternoon in Donwtown Vancouver

Vancouver has been developed a lot last 10 years.

There are lots of new buildings….at the same time, seems like there are lots of new trees as well.

Tell the truth, I did not know we had that many cherry trees in Downtown Vancouver.

In a sunny spring afternoon, lots of people came out to town and enjoy the cherry blossom.

LEICA Digilux 3  Olympus 40-150mmF3.5-4.5

Spring in Vancouver…..Hotel Vancouver

Already Cherry blossom is gone here in Vancouver.

This is taken last week. The building with green roof is Hotel Vancouver which is considered as the top hotel in Vancouver.

It was not easy lighting here. I had to move around to avoid direct back light and also had to find a good angle. In 1/2 hour later, the cherry tree was already under shadow ant the lighting was lost.

Good thing was…..LEICA lens was quite strong on back light.

LEICA Digilux 3  14-50mmF2.8-3.5