After the sunset at Wreck Beach, Vancouver

Wreck Beach _ After the sunset

Wreck Beach is located far west  of Vancouver city.

This means it is the place we have the longest day in Vancouver.

Today, Sunset was about 8PM…..well…..the day is getting shorter……

As the summer ends, we have more clouds and that was how we had a amazing evening sky after the sunset.

Wreck Beach _ After the sunset 2

with zoom up…….

Sunset is a secuet time for this place. People dance, drams and scream around……

Wreck Beach _ After the sunset 3

This is taken different day.

Now, an exciting summer day is over…..and time to close the beach…….

CONTAX Tvs Digital

Firework in Vancouver, BC

Firework in Vancouver, BCIt is a little bit old photo…..We had firework in Vancouver in beginning of August.

The day in Vancouver is very long during summer. So, the firework starts after 10PM.

This photo is taken from Kitsulano beach which is opposite side of Downtown Vancouver.

Shooting firework requires guessing work……Thanks for Digital camera. It is way easier than film because we can constantly check the result.

Sometimes LEICA creates mysterious color……like this……

Leica Digilux 3 + Leica 14-50mm

Jericho Beach, Vancouver, BC

View of Jericho beachThose are the view of Jericho Beach, Vancouver.

Jericho beach is located across the bay of Downtown Vancouver. When you see your right hand side, you will see breathtaking skyline of Downtown Vancouver.

Then, when you see your left hand side, you will see beautiful snowy mountains at North Vancouver.

View of Jericho beach, Vancouver BCDuring the summer time, people enjoy all kind of water sports, and also on the beach, people are playing beach volley ball.

Sunset at Jericho beach Vancouver BC

Still some snow left on the top of the mountains.

Cloud on the sky is creating dramatic color in the late evening.

Leica Digilux 3 Olympus 40-150mm F3.5-4.5

Car Design _ Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Car Design _ Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Original photo of Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Original photo of Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Bentley used to be owned by Rolls-Royce and were more personal and sportier character compare to Rolls Royce.

In 1999, Volks Wagen took over Rolls Royce…..but they failed to purchase RR brand although they took over all the company. That was how VW started to make Bentley instead of RR.

But for VW which is famous massproduction company, the traditional Rolls Royce twin were not their taste.

So, in 2003, they started selling Bentley Continental GT….which share the main components with Volkswagen Phaeton, Then, Continental Flying Spur is 4 door sedan version of Continental GT.

Tell the truth….this design looks “fancy KIA” to me.

Bentley tried to get out of traditional Rolls Royce platform and so as its design. They just tried to be more sporty or something.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

What is the problem of this design?

But, to me it is missing the balance a bit around the C pillar which I marked with Red circle.  This part is extremely important cor car design.

This is the one I gave some modification by Adobe Photoshop.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur _ Modified design

Bentley Continental Flying Spur _ Modified design

  • I modified the shape of C pillar. I did not touch the roof line…just the shape of rear door. That will make more stayable more luxurious but could be a bit less sporty…
  • Another point is Chrome side male.

Side mole is extremely important for car design…but these days lots of designers don’ t know because very few cars have those today.

The original one looks a bit too low and that is making it look taller and heavier. That will work for Rolls Royce….but to me, I prefer to be a bit higher as mime shows.

Bentley is Luxury car and also at the same time, it is sporty too. This way, it will look a bit hard to do….but, no worry, all you have to do is follow the basics of car design.

Always those to I talked has been extremely important and even in 21st century too.

Santa Monica Beach in Evening

View of Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach in Evening….

Hot long summer day is about ending now.
The sun is getting close to the horizon.

The sea breeze is blowing pleasantly around the beach.

View of Santa Monica Beach _ surfers

When I turned around,  the color of the evening light was so impressive. This is the typical color of CONTAX Tvs Digital.

Still quite a few surfers are surfing……

Evening in Santa Monica_ Santa Monica PierPeople are walking along the beach.

This is the most beautiful time of this place.
Soon, we will see the illumination at Santa Monica Pier.

CONTAX Tvs Digital




Waipu, New Zealand _ View of township

Waipu is a very small town 1.5 hours away from Auckland.

Waipu river _ New ZealandWaipu river is running near the township.

Waipu river _ New Zealand 2There is a boat lamp and little shop here….but It is always closed.

farm land in WaipuMain industry is….of course farming like all other small town in New Zealand.

Main street of WaipuThis is the main street of Waipu. 1 grocery store, 1 hardware store, 1 post office, 1 petrol station….and the nearest city Whangarey is 41km away from here.

Scotish culture in WaipuThis small town has Scottish heritage.

Main street of Waipu 2Again….main street of Waipu. Even in this small town, there is a Chinese “take away” shop(LH of the photo).

Rugby goal postsThis is the typical view of New Zealand. Rugby goal posts are all over the country.” Lion Red” is the No.1 local beer brand.

Rugby game in WaipuRugby is the National sport in New Zealand. During the winter, rugby is the biggest entertainment there.

This is the game between Waipu and next town. Everybody in town seems to be the rugby club building which is also a bar.

Scottish bandThis is the typical Scottish entertainment. Look at the member….old people and very young people, nothing between. This is typical in rural area of New Zealand.

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