Canon EOS-M…Worst camera of 2012

Canon_EOS_MEven the standard lens is too big for its compact body.

I will choose EOS-M as the worst camera of year 2012.

Panasonic first launched mirrorless camara G1 in 2008. Then Olympus, Sony, Fuji, Nikon and Pentax joined to the market and this year, finally canon launched EOS-M.

But, what a heck is it?
First of all, it has only 2 lenses and there is no further announcement about that.
What they say is….use EOS lenses with adapter !
SLR lenses are too big for mirrorless.
It even does not have electronic view finder…..

Auto-focus is just like joke. It is worse than Minolta Maxxum 7000 which came out in 1985. The lens is just moving around and never stops.

It is even worse than my CONTAX Tvs Digital which was badly criticized about the AF 10 years ago!!

User interface is amazingly bad….to do any adjustment, you will have to go down the menu and find out what to do….It is like cheap Point & Shoot.
Panasonic is way better designed.

Maybe with the big sensor, the image quality won’t be bad….but before you get good image, the camera simply does not work….!

Struggle to focus, struggle to set up…..

I know Canon can do way better than that….but they did not on purposely because they did not disturb the sales of EOS Rebel…or other SLRs.

So, what are they going to do for next?
If it get better…..then, fewer people will buy SLRs.

They made it so poorly to say “Mirrorless sucks, buy SLRs”. But people know other mirroless cameras are way better than this.

It just reminds me Canon T-80 which just came out right after the sensational Minolta Maxxum7000.

At that time, Canon wanted to use new lens mount for new AF SLRs….but they had to perswade customers first. That was how T-80 came out with poor engineering on purposely.

Then, Eos came out with good AF with new lens mount 2 years later.

To me EOS-M looks exactly the same.
So, what are they going to do the next? They can’t keep making it.
Also APS-C mirrorless is not easy to develop lenses. It is already known with SONY NEX.
Good lenses are too big and compact lens are not that good.

To me, Canon is in dead end especially in mirrorless.


Toshiba Satellite P870…Internet Explorer 9 opens by itself

Toshiba Satellite®P870I bought Toshiba Satellite®P870 laptop about 3 month ago.

I was quite happy about the performance….but there was one issue and I could not cure until yesterday.

I never use Internet Explorer 9 which is the standard for Windows 7. I am using Firefox instead….but some reason, IE9 was keep launching by itself all the time. Sometimes, every 2 minutes….or sometimes, only a few times a day…..but it was quite annoying anyway.

I could not find good way to cure and even I tried Yahoo Answer in English and Japanese….did not help me.

  • There was no virus… was happening since new and I re-formatted the OS once, but it still did not fix it.
  • I deleted Internet Explorer 9…..but it only downgraded to IE8 instead and IE8 did exactly the same thing.

Finally, I found  the problem on internet. Seems like it is related to the type of the track-pad.
You can do scroll on this track-pad like Mac and that was coursing the problem.

Control Panel_MouseGo to Control Panel –> Hardware –> Mouse–> “Device Settings” tab

In the Devices box the “Synaptics TouchPad” is highlighted.

Click the “Settings” button below it to open the Properties menu.
An index of expandable items appears on left.


Expand “Application Gestures.”
Click on “ Three-Finger Press.”
unpick  the box says “Enable Three Finger Press.”

That completely cured the problem. Maybe it was happening when 3 fingers were touching on the track-pad.

But funny thing was….there was really little information about it and even technicians I asked did not know it.

Also around me, I have seen this model sold in Future Shop….but not others and when I searched about this machine, first thing to come out was the ad. of Future Shop.

I even could not find when I went to Best Buy in San Francisco.

Canonflex….the disaster of Canon SLR

Canon's 1st SLR Canonflex was made for only 3 months.

Canon’s 1st SLR Canonflex was made for only 3 months.

As I told you, Nikon F….the Nikon’s first SLR completely changed the professional photographer’s style.

But, what about Canon?

People say Canon SLR was not successful because they were delayed to the market….but it is not true.

There was only a month difference compare to Nikon.

The biggest difference was, Canon was still selling lots of range finder models and that was how they thought SLR was only one of the many models.

But for Nikon, SLR was everything and they spent all the energy to develop F and that ended up with the big difference.

They say there were only 3 engineers to develop Canon SLR…..!Tell the truth, the catalog spec was about even, but Canon was not as sophisticated as Nikon.

The reason Canon didn’t spend all the resource to SLR was…because of their engineer spirits.

In 1959, SLRs were already as easy to use as range finders….but still there were some problems and which are not cured even today!

  • Finder black out due to the mirror action.
  • Unable to use wide-angle lens due to the mirror action behind lens….wide-angle lens for SLRs are Retro-focus….not real wide-angle lens.

They know there was nothing they could do and that was how they did not think SLR was very attractive to them.

  • Canon was a company they try to do the best they could in their own style.
  • Nikon is a company they don’t mind using someone’s technology and make so so cameras with the best quality control.

Some way, we can say Nikon engineers are more flexible minded and that was how they could succeed with SLR.

At the same time, Canon engineers could not stand those 2 problems and that was how they developed Pellix which had fixed half-mirror to solve those problems.

But as result, it was not successful and after that, Canon started to develop next professional SLR, F-1.

Also there were another problem on Canon at that time.
Originally, Canon was the company of luxurious cameras, but in late 50s, they started to expand market to lower class as well,

Then, they found it made more money in that field and that was the time they finished professional service. Service technicians used to visit News Medias and looked after their equipments regularly…..but they stopped it at that time.

Cameras were not that good and no more professional service….that was how all the professionals shifted to Nikon at that time.

During the Tokyo Olympic in 1964, almost every professional was using Nikon F……and amatures were using Asahi Pentax…..there was not much market for Canon SLR…but they were successful in the entry-level “Canonet”.

We had to wait for Canon’s next professional camera “F-1” until 1971.

Quebec City, Canada


Quebec City is 3 hours away by bus from Montreal.
This is the oldest city in North America which is established in 1608 and registered as UNESCO world heritage site.

It had been snowing since the day before in Montreal….but bus was on time and did not have any delay.

Quebec City is the only North American city which has “defensive walls” like old European cities.


Quartier du Petit Champlan……this is known for the oldest shopping area in North America.

KICX1809 Now, we are at the top of the hill…..the biggest building is a Hotel “Château Frontenac”.


Due to the old fortification, We can see this kind of view which is like old Europe.

KICX1828Sun came out through the heavy snowy clouds. The sun created dramatic color.

KICX1926sWinter day is very short in Quebec….3PM,it started getting dark and at 4:20PM, we are already in twilight time.

The Christmas decoration was pretty in the snowy “Quartier du Petit Champlan.

High -3℃, Low -13℃… was even colder than Montreal. In this weather, I had to swap Camera battery over to worm them up regularly.

On the way back to Montreal, we were in complete dark and did not have any view from the bus.

CONTAX Tvs Digital

Swowy day in Montreal, Canada

Snowy day in Montreal 1Montreal is quite cold during the winter.  It is much more than we get in Vancouver. After 10 hours of train trip from New York, the weather was completely different.

Snowy day in Montreal 2So, even with the heavy snow, the city life does not change a lot.

Snowy day in Montreal 3

I came to Old Montreal as usual… is snowing badly…..but it is the normal thing to local people. There are still quite a few tourists and horse carriages. The red blanket was creating good contrast in the snowy landscape.

Snowy day in Old Montreal

Rue Saint Paul is all covered by snow….but still it is normal.

Snowy night in MontrealIn snowy night, we get interesting lighting on photography. I did not recognize there were people at the house…..they are looking at me.

Thanks for the dry snow, I did not have any problem using camera under the heavy snow.

CONTAX Tvs Digital

Rain in Old Montreal




KICX1281 KICX1299

Those are the view of rainy day on Rue Saint Paul….the main street of Old Montreal.

Winter in Montreal is cold. It snows a lot…..This weather is a kind of warmest in this time of the year.

CONTAX Tvs Digital works quite well under cloudy or rainy weather.
Today, Auto white balance is working too much and that makes rainy or cloudy weather unrealistic.

CONTAX Tvs Digital