People in Hollywood….Los Angeles

 View of Hollywood 1

View of Hollywood …..Leica Digilux 3

Hollywood is the typical tourist spot in Los Angeles. Hollywood is the city of movie….and city of fake.

People in Hollywood 1

People in Hollywood 1….CONTAX Tvs Digital

There are many movie calactors everywhere…..of course they are fake.

People in Hollywood 2

People in Hollywood 2……CONTAX Tvs Digital


People in Hollywood 3

People in Hollywood 3……Canon F-1 50-135mm F3.5

We won’t see anything real here…..but that is what people enjoy…..We are buying “image of Hollywood movies” here…..

Broadway _ Downtown Los Angeles

Broadway _ Los Angeles Downtown

Broadway4 _ Los Angeles Downtown

Broadway2 _ Los Angeles Downtown

Broadway3 _ Los Angeles Downtown

Downtown Los Angeles is interesting.

This former theater district is no longer and now it is working class shopping district.

Fancy old neon signs and Gothic style buildings are a kind of Legacy of 20th century’s Good old America…..and now completely different people are having different lifestyle here.

It is the modern ruin of 20th century.

Leica Digilux 3 & CONTAX Tvs Digital


View of Downtown Los Angeles _ Adobe Photoshop

View of Downtown Los Angeles
Lots of people don’t know that we can see snowy mountains behind Downtown Los Angeles.

We can see it only winter time after rain.

This means I was lucky…..well….this is done by Adobe Photoshop.

I removed the original sky by Channel mask and much up photo of snowy mountains which was taken in Seattle.

View of Downtown LA original

Original photo had dull & boring cloudy sky… least it turned into dramatic photo.

Leica Digilux 3

Santa Monica Beach in Evening

View of Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach in Evening….

Hot long summer day is about ending now.
The sun is getting close to the horizon.

The sea breeze is blowing pleasantly around the beach.

View of Santa Monica Beach _ surfers

When I turned around,  the color of the evening light was so impressive. This is the typical color of CONTAX Tvs Digital.

Still quite a few surfers are surfing……

Evening in Santa Monica_ Santa Monica PierPeople are walking along the beach.

This is the most beautiful time of this place.
Soon, we will see the illumination at Santa Monica Pier.

CONTAX Tvs Digital




Digital vs Film _ CONTAX Tvs Digital vs Tvs2

Venice beach by CONTAX Tvs Digital
Venice beach by CONTAX Tvs Digital
Venice beach by CONTAX Tvs2
Venice beach by CONTAX Tvs2

There is another Digital vs Film.

Believe it or not, those were taken at the same time. What’s the difference…….

Maybe, the first “Digital image” looks clearer and sharper. So, as a document, the digital one looks better.

At the same time, film image (bottom) really look like evening compare to the digital one. The film was Ektachrome 100.

Seems like CONTAX Tvs2 exaggerate the color especially in evening. This is what we call “Carl Zeiss lens are good liar…..”

Tell the truth, the color of Tvs digital looks closer to the real color I saw at that time.

But, at the same time, the color of Tvs2 looks more likely to be “evening”.

It is very hard to say which is better….but I prefer to be CONTAX Tvs2 image.

By the way, CONTAX used to sell A2 filter to reduce the color shifting in evening. Although I have it….but I don’t use it because I think it will kill the character of the lens.

By the way, the film image does not look very sharp because of the quality of film scanner I am using.

OLD Pasadena _ Los Angeles

Old Pasadena _ Los Angeles

California was rapidly developed after 1848 Gold rush.

But Los Angeles which used to be a part of Mexico has quite interesting city landscape although it was developed after Mexico era.

Old Pasadena…..Former Mexican ruled and town along the Historic Route 66 and formerly known as rough neighbourhood is now re-developed as one of new fashionable town.

In a cloudy winter day in winter, when the sun light came through the clouds, suddenly the color of the town changed and the short moment was a perfect lighting for my temperamental European flavored Leica Digilux 3.

Olvera street…..Los Angeles

When I visited Los Angeles last month, it was still in winter and saw some cloudy and rainy day there.

This is the image I created by photoshop.

Well….it looks a bit boring due to the dull sky. SO, I channel masked out the cloudy sky and matched up blue sky behind. It is always better to give some gradient when you make sky.

Well….not bad….but it is funny not having shadow on the ground.

Then, used cloud brush to draw some cloud and ended up like the first image.

LEICA Digilux 3