Canon New F-1….best camera….but not for me…..

Canon_new F-1 AECanon F-1 first came out in 1971 as a professional SLR.

Their goal was breaking into the professional market which was dominated by Nikon F in 1960’s.

Brand new FD lens system was known for the good color balance, high quality zoom lenses and high quality series (later called L lens). That was how professionals who use “color films” started shifting to Canon.

10 years later, New F-1 arrived as 80’s version. Biggest change was adapting AE system. This was also my first Canon SLR.

This was an amazing machine….that is how people say…..but honestly, I did not like it at all!!
The reason I choose this camera in 1984 was….it was the only Canon camera which had metered manual exposure.

But, right after I got this camera, I lost interest in photography somehow.
I did not know the reason at that time….but I noticed when I got original F-1 later.

  • Blight & clear…..but yellwish view finder was not my taste.
  • Rough feeling on everything

    Black paint is like rock and switches especially winding lever and release button were really harsh.

  •  Top heavy body made me feel heavier than what it is.
  •  Light meter… was not easy to use because the hand was constantly wobbling.
  • Parts fell of off  quite a few times. Winding lever and Release button fell off in my camera bag. ISO dial fell a part and moved all over while I was using.

I used 2 new F-1s…but those happened to both of them.

When I got Old F-1, I noticed that all the negatives of Old F-1 was improved on New F-1. But, at the same time, New F-1 did not have the good point of Old F-1.

To me, I did not need the useless AE mechanism which came with New F-1. So, I thought it was better for me to use Old F-1 which had better feeling on everything.

This camera told me although it was the best camera at that time, it did not mean to be good to anyone.

I have better photos with Old F-1 because I just liked using it and felt like taking it out all the time. At least none of parts fell of from Old F-1.

<Today’s Lesson>  Feeling of Camera is extremely important.


Waipu, New Zealand in winter

Waipu 1

Waipu is a small town about 1.5 hour drive to north from the largest city Auckland.

This small town is popular with the wild beaches during the summer time.
As we go north, warmer we get in NZ. This means the weather is slightly warmer than Auckland.

Waipu 2

Unlike the calm Auckland beaches, those wild beaches are popular with surfers too.

Those photos are taken about this time of the year, which means in the middle of winter in New Zealand.

Waipu, New Zealand 3

Those were taken by CONTAX Tvs Digital.

This temperamental camera with Carl Zeiss lens sometimes create crystal clear images and sometimes create like monochrome…..

Balancing Rock in Vancouver

Balancing rock in Vancouver

Balancing rock in Vancouver

Balancing rock is a type of art in Vancouver area.

During the summer time, we see quite a few people performing by beach.
Look at the photo! They are not using anything. Those rocks are just perfectly balanced.

They say it is easier with heavier rocks.

This is taken at English bay, the beach at the west end of downtown Vancouver.

Canon F-1 NewFD50-135mmF3.5 Elitechrome 100

Tofino in Summer _ BC Canada

Tofino, BC, CanadaTofino in Summer _  BC Canada

Tofino is a small water front town located at west coast of Vancouver Island.

Take a ferry to Nanaimo which is the 2nd largest city in Vancouver Island, then drive across the island.

The hot summer day suddenly changed when we arrived to the west coast.
Sky was all covered by heavy dark cloud and started raining.

Right before the sunset, the cloud started moving and the sun came out  through the heavy clouds.

It was a dramatic moment.

Leica lens created heavy strong color and at the same time, my CONTAX Tvs2 created totally different color.

Leica Digilux 3

Car Design _ Acura NSX

Acura NSX

Car Design: Acura NSX

When  Acura NSX was first introduced in Tokyo Motor Show 1989, that was exciting news for all Japanese people.

Those days, already Japanese cars were considered as best quality cars….but at the same time, they were always dull and boring looking too.

Lexus LS400 or Acure NSX…..they are considered as first achievement to be the “World class prestige”.

By the way, How do you think this style from the point of today? I thought it was really beautiful when I saw at 89 show…..but at that time, my English teacher(American) said it needed more charactor. Well….he was right.

So now, I am explaining this design.

Well….it does look a bit like Ferrari or something….but it does not look as powerful or as stable as Ferrari….why is it?

Acura NSX from sideFirst of all it is better to check the side view.

It looks really weak around rear wheel arch. There is too much empty space between rear hatch and spoiler.  It makes it look like nearly falling down.

It also has imbalance between small cabin and long wheel base.
I guess the biggest problem is the shape of the center pillar I marked by red circle.

Acura NSX side view_ modified

Acura NSX with modified center pillar

I just tilted the pillar backward instead of tilting forward. In that case, I had to shift the rear hatch to backward too.

But look at the difference !! Only that shifted the mass of the design and made it much more stable.

This car has another problem. It has completely no space behind the front seats. When you are dating on this car, it is quite annoying because you got to carry everything on your lap, the floor or on your girlfriend…..when you are driving!

But with this improvement, that will create some extra space behind seat.

I always say “Beautiful designs are practical too.” or “Practical designs are beautiful”.

Acura NSX side_modified 2

Acura NSX with modified center pillar + short tail

Tell the truth, I was still thinking the rear end is a bit too long.

Those days, they thought it was good to have long tail for aerodynamics and also created luggage space which can carry golf bag….those 2 reasons made the tail so long.

In this picture, I shortened the rear a little bit from the previous one.
If I only talk about the design, I will choose the last one….but the previous one has reasonable luggage space at rear….maybe, that is the best balance.

Stanley Park _ Vancouver in summer

View of Stanley Park_ VancouverStanley park is located west end of Vancouver Downtown.

Right after Canada day (July 1st), we started having clear summer.
In this season, rainy Vancouver has long dry summer days.

This is taken at Stanley Park Seawall. 9km Seawall is perfect for bicycle ride.
During the summer, tourists or locals….all sorts of people are enjoying here in their own style.

Leica Digilux 3  Olympus 40-150mmF3.5-4.5