Spring in Osaka

L1140586sCulture in Osaka is very different from Tokyo.

They have been known as a business city and also called “Kitchen of the world”. The food industry is also quite well-known

Also they are known for entertainment, especially comedy is the big part of their culture.


That kind cultural background makes the view of city very different.

They are even trying to make people smile by signs.

L1140621sThose 3D signs are something we don’t see in Tokyo.
As we said “Kitchen of the world”, there are restaurants everywhere… but more Japanese style compare to Tokyo. People in Osaka are proud of their own food culture.

L1140653sPeople in Tokyo try to be more fashionable… and people in Osaka try to be more fun or distinctive…

L1140659sIt is the mixture of traditional, comical and modern… due to the long history, I still think they have deeper culture in Osaka.

Leica Digilux 3 Leica vario elmarit 14-50mm F2.8-3.5

Spring in Japan… Kyoto 3


Shirakawa River
in Gion…. this is the view during the daytime.

Cherry season is a special time for Japanese people. Not only tourists…but also locals walk along the street by Shirakawa River. It was a busy weekend…

L1140279sThis is the new and also old style of traveling in Japan.


Kiyomizu temple is the symbol of height. You can see full panorama of kyoto from here.

L1140462sLeica Digilux 3 Leica Vario Elmerit 14-50mm F2.8-3.5



Spring in Japan… Kyoto 2

L1140109sKyoto style restaurant is now ready to open… the color of kimono is for spring season now.


L1140145sKyoto is an old town. There is over 1000 years of history and due to the history, there are narrow roads all over the place.

Night view at Shirakawa river, Gion.

L1140203sDuring this season, people come out for partying under cherry trees….

Spring in Japan… Gion, Kyoto

L1130990skyoto had been an old Japanese capital since 794 till 1869 and they still preserve the traditional Japanese landscape here. Gion is one of traditional entertainment district in Kyoto.
There was a young Maiko

L1130994sThis area… along Shirakawa river is a National historical district and one of the most popular area with tourists.

L1140019sLadies with kimono… only that makes the view something more special…

Leica Digilux 3 Leica Vario Elmarit 14-50mmF2.8-3.5


Spring in Japan… Miyajima 2

L1130792sIn spring, the mountain is covered by beautiful color gradation. It is not only colorful… but also calm. This is the beauty of Japan which is different from Western world.

Itsukusima shrine… the largest and most beautiful shrine on this island was established in DC593.


The interior is colorful… but it is peaceful and relaxing…

L1130850sMiyajima is not the only the tourist spot, there are still 1800 people lives in this small island and that makes this island more cultural.


Spring in Japan… Miyajima

L1130707sMiyajima is a small island in Hiroshima prefecture.

It has known as a spiritual place for thousands of years and now, known for the Itsukushima shrine which was established in DC593.

After the 10 minutes of ferry trip, this Torii (Gate) will welcome you.


Not only the Itsukushima shrine, there are many temples all around the island.


L1130717sMountains, temples and cherry trees… This place is known for autumn view… but spring pretty as well.

Leica Digilux 3 Leica D 14-50mm F2.8-3.5