Fuji X-A1… New Camera…

Fuji X-A1... My first APS-C format camera.

Fuji X-A1… My first APS-C format camera.

Fuji X-A1 is a APS-C format mirrorless camera produced by Fuji Film.

I just purchased it as my first APS-C format camera.

I have been using Four-thirds and micro four-thirds for many years and I had been thinking of buying Panasonic 12-35mmF2.8 zoom to experience a little bit better image quality.

But… as you know over $1,000 is not a easy price to purchase for me now and I also wanted to know the difference between APS-C and micro Four-thirds.

So, I started to check Cameras with APS-C format.
In case of Canon or Nikon, although they have high-quality lenses for Full-size, but not for APS-C or actually I would say their lens line-up is quite poor for APS-C.

SONY… I did not like the trans-mirror system.

What about Mirrorless?

Canon has extremely poor lens line-up and so as poor AF and user interface.

SONY…. again the user-interface is awful and standard zoom lenses are known for quite poor image quality.

That was how, I first started thinking about Fuji.
Although I knew Fuji was famous for its image quality, I thought it was going to be quite expensive like X Pro1.

Also in the past, they tried to makeĀ  interchangeable lens cameras several times such as ST, AX, TX or FinePix S series… none of them were successful and did not last very long.

Those were the reason I was not interested in Fuji in the past and it was really my first time to check them.

Then, I found out X-A1 was so cheap.
XA-1 is a downgraded version of XM-1 and the difference is the image sensor.

But as I check about this camera, I never found negative comments about image quality.
Everybody was talking how amazing the images were.

It was on sale in Canada now and was $399 everywhere.
It was $200 cheaper than XM-1.

I went to local shop and check it. It was the first time to see this camera and I was playing for a while.

Well… the body and lens are looking quite cheap… but actually, it is cheap and more important thing is the image quality.

At least, I was OK about its user-interface which some people were commenting. I did not feel negative like what I felt to SONY.

Then, I decided to buy it!

I always research very carefully and touch it many times before I decide… but this time, It took only 2 days since I started thinking about APS-C format camera!

It was my fastest record.

I haven’t used too much right now.

But, I will post on this blog very soon.