Trip to the USA 5 San Francisco – Reno

San Francisco to Reno

As I get further from San Francisco, the air gets warmer and warmer.

The wind is not as strong as last time when I came to San Francisco and had quite comfortable ride until I got to the toll gate.

San Francisco is charging me when I came and also when I leave… such a rip-off… Funny thing was… here, the toll gate was automatic. When I think the traffic jam when I came, I don’t understand why they are using different system…

Old-SacramentoOld Sacramento

After an hour ride, I got to State Capital, Sacramento. I have passed by so many times, but it was really my first time to stop by.

This is more likely to be political city and the main tourist attraction is the old town “Old Sacramento”.

This area is between Sacramento river and Highway. Due to the poor location, it was left from the development.

It is quite well-preserved old 19 century style.

_1170875$7 for buffet style was quite good…

I had some lunch here and had to harry for Sierra Nevada Range which was the hardest part for early pioneers to come to California.

View of Sierra Nevada Range
Panorama of Sierra Nevada Range

Actually, this part was the main event for me on this trip.

After Sacramento, I could see the change of the plantation. There is more green…
But tell the truth, I did not feel like I am climbing high mountains. I just thought “Well…now there are more trees, more windy road,…” but I really did not feel like I was on mountain although signs are showing the altitude.

But, this kind of landscape is just keep going on… it means I am in a huge mountain range…

At least it is better to pass before the sunset.

It was looking quite misty and it was looking mysterious too. Later on, I heard it was because of fire….

Total distance was 350km…it is long enough even on normal highway,  but it is including Sierra Nevada Range… but partly because of mild weather, It was not bad at all!

Reno, Nevada

Reno is known as Casino city,,, but today, there are casinos everywhere and it seems to be really quiet here today.

At the same time, lots of people from California are moving here for cheaper property…

Trip to the USA4 Red Bluff to San Francisco

Red Bluff to San Francisco

It is the 5th day and it is the day to get to the first destination, San Francisco!

It is just hot around Red Bluff… all I had to do was… just keep riding. After I passed Red Bluff, it seems like there is more farming land there.

But dry is dry… 150 years ago, people crossed the continent to get to the dream land and this was what they saw!


When I turned into I505 from I5, there was much less traffic and still I was in middle of hot dry desert… But this is the typical landscape of California I know.

I was keep riding straight boring road, then I marged into I80. The road was much wider and it showed me I was getting close.

As I ran, colder and windier it got. That reminds me the weather of Bay area.
It was so windy, but there was no space to park my bike anywhere. So, all I could do was just go…

Now I see more buildings and signs are showing more familiar names…at least I was getting close.

Then, what I saw was a heavy traffic jam. It was the worst I experienced in this trip at that time.

Bay Bridge-San Francisco

Simply that was coursed the tall gate to get in to San Francisco. They were still depending on men power there. It was $5 for normal cars.

After that, at least traffic started moving. But it was still had to go on the windy cold Bay Bridge with horribly rough road surface.

The view from Bay Bridge was amazing… but it was the only photo I could take while I was riding my bike.

Then, I finally arrived to San Francisco… it  was my 5th day. But first thing I noticed was it was very hard to drive in Downtown San Francisco.

There is no left turn anywhere, too many one ways or rough road surface and train tracks on road which is extremely dangerous for motorcycle.

Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach

But at the same time, it makes easy to move around.

Castro San Franicsco

For example, this was the first time to be here for many years although I sometimes come to San Francisco.

Without vehicle, I did not feel like coming this far…

Thanks for the motorcycle, San Francisco always makes me tiring by the steep hills, but not this time. At the same time, I did not walk too much this time and that means I did not take that many photos…

fishermans wharf

When you are in San Francisco, it is still the place to stop by.

I know this is touristy and this is not cheap anymore…

crab-fishermans wharf

But I still think the crabs they serve are quite good. Even if you go to Chinatown, still the live crabs are costing over $20… so price here is not too bad…

Trip to the USA 3…Red Bluff, California

Medford OR to Red-Bluff CA

It was such a nice weather since the morning.
I just can’t Believe this is same Oregon.

I checked out at 11AM and had lunch in Downtown Medford.


Actually… this kind of things are way cheaper in Vancouver.

California is not too far… but I just did not see sign of the border which I usually saw at the other borders.

As I go south, warmer and warmer it gets.


Mt.Shasta… it is the tallest mountain in this area.

This is not too far from Redding, which is the biggest city in Northern California, But I went to Red Bluff which is about 50km further south to equalize the daily mirage.

It is just hot… Red Bluff is a small town whose tallest building is an old church…

Red Bluff California

This is the main street of Red Bluff.

When we say California, people think of blue sky and tropical ocean… but not here… or I would say most part of California is something like this little town.

But, I quite liked this place.

It was just hot…partly because this town is located in a valley.  It was the hottest town  I visited in this trip and I had to take off my riding jacket.

When I got town, it was still 5:30PM, but there was nothing open in downtown.

Red-Bluff Downtown

There were 2 bars open in downtown and I went to one of them, ordered a local beer and talked to local people for a while.

Red Bluff California2nd tallest building is… movie theater…

accommodation was a motel again. Today, even dorm bed in HI hostel costs $40/night.
If you think that way, $45/night for motel is quite reasonable.

Only thing is… there is no communication with other tourists.
Red Bluff California 2




Trip to the USA 2


To go to California from Vancouver, taking Interstates 5 is the easiest way.

Seattle and Portland were a bit rainy… as usual, so I had to harry as much as I could.
But after I left Portland, the weather got a bit better.

When we say “Oregon”, we think mountains or beautiful coast line… but absolutely there is nothing around I5. It is just straight freeway.


I guess they just tried to be as straight as possible. On that kind of road, it is very hard to keep me awake… Sometimes, I had to take a brake every 50km. All you see is the flat land and road surface.

Sometimes I had to pull off at any closest exit which had nothing.

But if you see the southern part of Oregon, you can see it is quite hilly and windy.
This meant it was just straight boring drive earlier time and when I got tired, it was windy road everywhere…


This is the view right before I got into the hilly windy area.

By the time it was getting dark and the total distance was over 500km in this day.

It was one of the hardest day in this trip.

But, Medford Oregon was much warmer and drier… it was more likely to be California.

It was the first time to stay in Motel in the United States. When we travel in North America, it is very hard to find reasonable accomodation like backpacker hostel.

But here, I found Motel for $45/night which is quite reasonable.


When I got to Medford, it was already dark and all I could do was have some dinner and have some local beer at a local bar.

Travel in the United States.

I was away to the United States for 3 weeks.

The biggest difference this time is……

San Francisco
this…. yes, I took a motorcycle all the way to California!!

I left Vancouver BC and it took about 1/2 hour to get to the US border.
Then, it took about 1.5 hour to pass the border and by the time, it was already getting dark outside.

Then, I took “Interstates 5” all the way down to San Francisco.

From my experience, comfort speed for this kind of motorcycle is about 100km/h. But in the US, most of the people are doing about 120km/h.

Because of the higher speed, long long straight boring highway, I had to take a rest every hour not to get sleepy.


I also think comfortable distance is about 200km a day for this kind of motorcycle, but due to the size of the country, I had to ride at least 300km or sometimes about 500km a day to get at least somewhere with civilisation.

Long boring straight road…no gear shift of not even acceleration…That is the reason in North America, people use huge windshield, loud exhaust and sometimes sound system.

I stayed at Seattle for the 1st day, then Portland, Medford (Southern Oregon), Red Bluff (Northern California) and it was the 5th day to get to San Francisco.


Autumn in Vancouver BC 2014


Autumn in Vancouver is the time to start having rain.

We have a lot of rainy days… but this means we have amazing
time after the rain.

This area is a kind of high class in Vancouver.
We had rain earlier of the day and now the sun is coming out.

Big trees and big old houses… it is one of the most beautiful
place in autumn here.

The day is getting shorter day after day…
The dramatic clouds and clear air create dramatic lighting in
this time of the year.

Panasonic GX1 PZ14-42mm