Night in Chicago

View from Sears TowerThis is view from the tallest building Sears tower. There is a huge lake Michigan behind sky scrapers.

View from Sears Tower Chicaro

This is north part of Chicago.

View from Sears Tower Chicaro 2

This is West side of Chicago from Sears Tower.

Apart from the Downtown area, Chicago is flat and wide…..wide straight roads are visible from Airplanes too.

North Part of Chicago at night

North part of Chicago is famous for  Chicago blues.  There are many live houses around.

African Americans moved to Chicago during the World War 2 and they brought strong impact in this area from the south.

North part of Chicago at night 2

Now, those musicians are not from the South and the more different origins brought different style of music……It has has changed a lot….but it is still different from other modern “American crap”.

Michigan Avenue Chicago at night

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Street shots in Chicago

Michigan Avenue ChicagoThis is a morning view of Michigan Avenue. This area was already not very nice 20 years ago, but it is nicely cleaned now.

Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountain is a Chicago landmark in the center of Grant Park by the waterfront.

You can see dramatic landscape of Downtown Chicago including Sears Tower behind.

Chinatown in ChicagoChinatown in Chicago is quite different from other city. First of all, it is quiet and see hardly any people here. Second, things are not cheap. If you go downtown, you won’t see many Asian people here in Chicago. That is making Chinatown out of fashioned here.

Street view in Chicago

As you see, there is few Asians in this picture. This is keeping old tradition in this city.

Chicago before sunsetIt has been taken right before I left Chicaro. It was right before the sun goes down. The day in Chicago is a bit shorter.

I had early dinner at “Billy goat Tavern” and took train to New York.

Suburb of Chicago….Griffith Indiana

Griffith Indiana 1

This is the view of Suburb town of Chicago, Griffith Indiana.

It is 1 hour drive from Chicago and close to “East Chicago”. This area is famous for Steel making industry and my father used to work as an engineer.

That was how I stayed here for a while in late 80s.

Griffith Indiana 2
This is where I used to stay… has been over 20 years….but there are not much difference. Leaves are turning yellow, chilly and clear air….it is my favorite season here.

Those 2 cars in the middle reminds me those old days.

Fruit stand in Griffith IndianaThis is a view at a fruit stand. Season for Halloween……I tried to buy some apples here….but I noticed I had very little cash with me at the counter.

I told lady not having money….then she asked me how much I had.  So, I took out some coins from my pocket….then she said that was OK!!

Fruit stand in Griffith Indiana2This is not a tourist spot. All the people are locals here. People stop to look at me…..that is how Griffith Indiana is. There is good old America in this town.

I was young at that time, so many things has changed…..but not here. I was happy to see that in this trip.

When we say East Chicago….not many people say good things…..but this place is always different and that was how my father was living here.

Halloween SeasonAlso it is only about 10 miles away from Gary Indiana which is famous as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States.

Autumn rain in Chicago

Rainy morning in ChicagoThis is morning rush hour of Chicago. It does not look that busy….but busy for Chicago.

We are having wet autumn morning.

mid-day shower in ChicagoWe had some shower around mid-day. The sun is coming out through the clouds and creating dramatic light.

After the rain in Millenium Park

This is the view of Millenium Park after the rain. The contrast between  the modern art and sky scrapers behind were interesting.

Millenium Park in Chicago

Evening in Chicado Evening of Downtown Chicago. It was raining on and off until evening and now, the cloud created beautiful….or a bit scary color. For this photo, I did not do any re-touch

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Street view of Chicago

Chicago Station

Chicago station is Located North of Downtown Chicago. This is closer to Old town. The tall building is Sears Tower.

Back alley of ChicaroTypical Back alley of Chicago Old town.

Season of Halloween in Chicago

This is the typical view in this season… least in North America……

Chicago Old town

There are more traditional style buildings and residential area in Old town.

State Street....Chicago

This is State Street, which is one of Main Streets in Downtown Chicago.
This is taken by film. Color daylight film with cloudy weather really sumirate chilly air in Chicago at this season. This is better than digital.

Michigan Avenue....Chicago

This is Michigan Avenue…main Street of Chicago in an early morning.

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5.6: Canon F-1 Kodak Elite Chrome 100

Billy Goat Tavern……Curse of the Billy Goat

Billy GoT Tavern.....Curse of the Billy Goat“Billy Goat Tavern” is old fashioned tavern in Chicago founded in 1937.

Main menu is “Cheese Burger” and Cash Only……..

Why is that kind of shop still loved by local people?

There is a famous story “Curse of the Billy Goat”

In 1945, a World series  between Chicago Cubs & Detroit Tigers was held at Wrigley Field which was home ground of Chicago Cubs.

The owner of the “BiIly Goat Tavern” , William Sianis was watching the game, but he was told to leave the game because of the Goat he had with him.

He had 2 tickets and could pass the gate….that was how he was always doing but in that day, other customers were not happy and complained about it.

Billy was outraged and declared,

“Them Cubs, they aren’t gonna win no more,”

2 wins & 1 loss at that time….. , Suddenly Cubs lost 3 games in that season. Since then,  Chicago Cubs never won the world series until now.

That is what we call “Curse of the Billy Goat”.


It is the end of Baseball season….and also Halloween……good time to talk about it.

Baseball, Wrigley field and Billy Goat Tavern…..It is a part of good old culture of Chicago.


Downtown Chicago

Downtown Chicago from Grant Park

This is a view of Downtown Chicago from Grant Park. As you see each of them are quite caractristicly designed.

Downtown Chicago from Lake MIchigan

This is a view from Lake Michigan. John Hancock Center is the 2nd tallest in Chicago.

Beach of Lake Michigan...Chicago

Beach by the lake Michigan is like any other beach. Only difference is…..there is no sea shell.

The tap water in Chicago tastes a bit different. When I drank some from Lake Michigan, It was the same taste.

Commuter trains in Chicago

The arban population is not very big in Chicago. Lots of people are commuting with trains. It is a view of rush hour.

Sears TowerSears Tower (Now called Willis Tower) is the symbol of Chicago.
It had been the tallest building from 1973 to 1998 and now, it is still the tallest in the United States.

As the name says, It used to be a head office of Department Chain “Sears”. But it was sold in 1994…but they still kept the name until 2009 and now called “Willis Tower”.

Chicago was the first American city I visited in 1980s…..even for me, I don’t feel like calling it Willis Tower…’s a joke….!

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