HDR image


Today, due to the digital technology, there is much more things we can do which we had to give up during film era.

Strong back light such as evening sky was the typical example.

  – This is… not good at all….

Even today, if you shoot that kind of landscape, Camera tries to average the exposure and that makes the image look boring.

That was how, we all gave up that kind of image old days… but today, HDR can save it.

   – If you adjust the exposure at  sky… again, this is not good at all…

Today, lots of cameras come with HDR mode which capture multiple images with different exposure instantly, then you merge those images by using graphic software.


In this case, I used Adobe Photoshop.

  1. Open Adobe Bridge
  2. select images you would like to merge.
  3. Go Tools – Photoshop – Merge to HDR Pro…


Then, do adjustment as you want.

Too see what happens, move one at the time and remember the number before you change.


Of course, you can do the final adjustment by using adjustment layers of Photoshop.

This is just amazing…. we were never be able to get this kind of image during the film era unless you use half ND filter or something…

For this image. I used Olympus E-M10+45mmF1.8.

E-M10 has mode to merge HDR in camera, but I found it works better this way by using photoshop.

When you use HDR mode, your camera will shoot multiple image very quick and you will be surprised if it was your first time.

It would be more stable to use tripods for it, but I did not use tripods on this image.

Panorama in North Vancouver


Personally, I don’t like using wide-angle lenses especially for buildings.

They always distort buildings and I just don’t like the way it looks.

This image is a panorama merged by Adobe Photoshop.

I have been doing panorama many times on this blog… but this one is slightly different.


This is how I took 6 photos and merged later on.

Usually what people does is take from left to right and that is the end.
But if you do like this, it looks more likely to be a normal photo.
By the way, this is the single photo taken by using 14mm wide-angle lens. Well…it does not look that species and building is distorting badly… it is not good at all…

Panasonic GX1 PZ14-42mm

Vancouver in Winter 2014

English Bay Vancouver BC 2014

Winter in Vancouver, BC is rainy… it is always…
It is very hard to see sun during this season.

This is a panorama of English bay. It was not quite rainy… but it was cloudy all day.

Old days, this kind of weather was not good for photography, but not anymore. There are so many things we can change by Adobe Photoshop and cloudy sky can turn into dramatic sky.

English Bay Vancouver BC 2014_2

It is not cold enough for snow. It is worm enough for tourists to walk around.

The bay is always calm.

Panasonic GX1 PZ14-42mm

Travel to New York… Central Park

Central Park Panorama 1

Central Park Panorama 1

Central Park is located in the middle of Manhattan Island.

It will take several days to see whole area of this park. Due to the size, it is not easy to take landscape photos here.

But… not anymore.

It is not that hard to take panorama photos by digital cameras.All you have to do is take several photos and merge by Adobe Photoshop. 4 photos have been used for this one.

Just launch “Adobe Bridge”, then select images to merge and go to Tools – Photoshop – Photomerge. That will automatically build panoramas.


Some cameras even have panorama mode and camera does the merger by itself.

Central Park Panorama 2

Central Park Panorama 2

Autumn is the most beautiful season in Central Park. The contrast of the autumn leaves and skyscrapers behind is breath-taking…

2 images were used for this one. If you try to use wide-angle lenses, you will get all the buildings badly tilted.

Central Park Panorama 3

Central Park Panorama 3

Weather in New York seems to be changeable. Soon after this, the sun was covered by clouds and started raining.

Autumn in New York is the best time… but at the same time, the day is very short…

Autumn in Vancouver…Panoramas

It is taken fisherman wharf beside the Granville Island which formerly industrial aria and now a tourist spot in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This area is not a tourist spot like the famous one in San Francisco…. but as you see, it is  a good spot to see the panorama of Downtown Vancouver.


Those photos are merged by Adobe Photoshop. 3 photos on the first one and 4 photos were used for the 2nd one.

Clouds in Autumn sky were creating perfect lighting in the evening.

It is the end of autumn and next week, our summer time is ending.

Panasonic GX1  PZ14-42mmf3.5-5.6

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Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach is not only clothing-optional beach, but also it is part of National Park.

When I was here, the evening sun was creating such a dramatic view.

But…..when I took it, it came as such a boring photos.

Wreck Beach original
This is the original of it….well….it is so boring….

So, what I did was….duplicated layer, then channel masked at the line of trees and removed sky, then created new layer between and added some cloud by using “Cloud brush”.Wreck Beach 2
It looks a bit better…but not good enough.

So,press “ALT, CTRL, Shift & E” to duplicate what I have now  and changed blending mode to “color dodge”.

Wreck Beach 3

This created dramatic sly, but all the green turned into shadow.
So, I copied the Channel mask I made before and inverted it. This is how, the blending option is working only around the sky and water.

Wreck Beach 4

It is much better…but we can make it better.

Again, press “ALT, CTRL, Shift & E” to duplicate whole things, then change blending mode to “Color Dodge”.

In that case, the green looks more dramatic, but I completely lost the sky.
This means if I mask out at the sky, it will look perfect. So, I copied channel mask which I made at the beginning and pasted to this layer.

Wreck Beach

It looks perfect.
I sometimes think digital cameras are more difficult than films due to unnecessary automatic adjustments and narrow dynamic range.

But, at least Photoshop can do lots of things like this example.

Panasonic GX1 + Panasonic 14-42mmF3.5-5.6


English Bay, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

English Bay, Vancouver BC Canada
English bay is located West end of Downtown Vancouver, BC.

This area has high volume of residence and due to the easy access from downtown, it is one of very busy beaches in Vancouver.

People come around to see the beautiful sunset.

This is something I took yesterday….well, tell the truth….it is done by Adobe Photoshop.

Those 2 girls were looking good…but I could not get good background with them. So, I removed the original background and used other one which was taken at the same time.

English bay Vancouver BC Canada 2

Sunset at English bay.

Panasonic GX1 45-150mmF4-5.6