Adobe Photoshop_ Merge images to make better photo

Pike Place Market_ Typical street snap shot

Pike Place Market_ Typical street snap shot

Street snap shot is not easy because there are so many people walking around and there is no way to control unless you have power & money to block the street.

This is the typical street shot…..well….not too bad…. apart from a person crossing right in front of me….

Well….it was lucky at least I had another similar shot at the same place.

Pike Place Market_ Typical street snap shot 2

Pike Place Market_ another shot at the same place

This is the another one….but I think this one is less interesting. On the first image,there is a ferry at the back and people on the sidewalk are looking better than this one.

So…..lets merge those 2 images.

I put the 2nd image on top of the 1st one.
Then, go to the 2nd image layer and set a Layer Mask to mask out where you don’t want.

In this case, I only wanted the cover up the person at the right hand of the first image.

Pike Place Market_ Final

This is how I got…..

At least it looks much better than before.

During the film era, timing was everything for street shooting. But today, you we can do so many things on Photoshop. So, If you see a nice view, it is good idea to take several at the same angle. This will help you quite often.

Panasonic Lumix GX1 PZ14-42mm


Pike Place…..Seattle

After 2 days of rainy days, suddenly sun came out in the evening. The clear air brought up dynamic seen at Pike Place which is just outside of Pike Place Market.

This is the best lighting for LEICA.

LEICA Digilux 3  14-50mmF2.8-3.5

Sinking ship…..Pioneer Square, Seattle

Pioneer Square is the oldest part of Downtown Seattle.

The funny building on right hand side is a parking building…which is called “sinking ship”.

In 1960s, Pioneer square was a target of Renewal. They were planning to knock off all the old building and replace to modern style.

In 1962, historic Hotel Seattle was replaced with this ugly parking building.

But soon after, people recognized their mistake and renewal plan was canceled.

From today’s point of view, this area is quite well preserved…..but this “sinking ship” is something they have to.

First of all, it is ugly and nobody is using it.
The triangle building is the lost “Hotel Seattle”.

Seattle…..View of Waterfront

After the visit of Los Angeles, I came back to Seattle again.

Seattle is the city of waterfront. 41% of the area is under the water.

During the winter, we can see the beautiful snowy mountains of Olympic national park on the other side of the water front.

LEICA Digilux 3  Olympus40-150mmF3.5-4.5