Adobe Photoshop Tutorial……Combine Color and Black & White Image

Part color on B&W image… has been quite common. How do you do it?

It is quite simple with Adobe Photoshop!

  1. 1.Open a color image on Photoshop,  then go “Image” – “Mode” – “Grayscale“ That will   turn your image to B&W.  Then turn back to RGB color again.  The color won’t come back at this stage.
  2. Grab “History Brush” ! By the way, what is the History brush?  It means where you brush by history brush will turn back to how it used to be. This means in this case, where you brush will turn back to Color!!
  3. Brush carefully where you want to be color.

It is better to use big and soft brush all around.

Done! it is quite simple, isn’t it?

If you are not satisfied with the tone, simply duplicate the layer and change “Blending mode” and “Opacity“…..that will give you better finish too.

Adobe Photoshop….Downtown Los Angeles


This is a photo of Downtown Los Angeles……well……it could be a bit boring. So, I decided to draw some cloud on the sky.

At first, I tried to draw clouds above the building…..but, it did not look that good. I found It is better to have clouds “behind those buildings!.

So, I decided to remove the original sky. Due to the clear (& boring) sky, “Magic eraser” worked very good.

Then, I made a new layer under the photo and gave some gradient to make it look like sky.

It needed some adjustment to much the color with the edge of buildings and tree. There was some leftover from original sky.

Now, install another layer between building and sky. That is where I made some cloud.

That is the result. It would be a bit different from the original, but it looks more dramatic….I think.

Skyline of Downtown Vancouver

This is the skyline of Downtown Vancouver BC, Canada viewing from Granville bridge. You can see mountains at North Vancouver behind and snowing there.

During winter, we get lots of rain and it is not easy to see this kind of clear sky.

This is taken by film. Thanks for Cirl Zeiss lens…..such a strong color….!


New Zealand in Summer…..!

In New Zealand, they are in middle of summer at this time of the year.

Emerald  green sea, high humidity…….and lots of UV……..that is the summer on New Zealand.

This is taken from St Heliers bay, 15min. drive away from the largest city, Auckland.

Tallest tower you can see over there is Sky Tower, which is the tallest building in Southern Hemisphere.

Leica lens could capture dull worm air in a summer afternoon.

Leica Digilux3  14 – 50mmF2.8-3.5