Vancouver BC, Canada by film





Those were taken in Vancouver B.C. Canada by film in 2005 summer.

When we use digital cameras today, we are quite satisfied or think those images were way better than film days….but when we look back old photos, they are not bad at all… or we can say, they have more “information” compare to digital.

It is similar to difference between CD and record. When CD first came out, we were surprised with the noiseless clear sound….but soon noticed it was tasteless.

Due to the poor film environment, it is not easy to go back again.

Those were the day, I was using full-mechanical camera and adjusting everything manually. It is not that long ago and Canon F-1 did quite good job….but the skill has been lost now…,

Canon F-1 New FD20-35mmF3.5, 50-135mmF3.5, FD200mmF2.8


View of New York City

New York City

New York City is too big to take photos. It takes so many days and still doesn’t finish.

People in New York

She was always asking donation at the same spot.

People in New York 2

People in New York 3

Playground in New York City. Surrounded by wire net and covered by conclete……But New York is a city which has lots of residential people.  That is the biggest difference compare to other cities. This film image looks quite different from others.
People in New York 3
One day, I took a wrong train and got off at Bronx. It was still a bit rough neighbourhood.
Those wall paintings are quite well done. They should come to Vancouver to do it.

New York City 2

In front of Hotel Pensilvania……It was an amazing lighting in an evening.

Manhattan from ferryThis is the view of Manhattan from ferry to Staten Island. This is another good spot to shoot skyline of New York.

CONTAX Tvs Digital

Canon F-1

Canon F-1
Canon F-1 + New FD 50mm F1.4

english-bay vancouver BC Sample by Canon F-1 in Vancouver, BC

San Francisco by Canon F-1
San Francisco by Canon F-1

Hollywood CA by Canon F-1
Hollywood by Canon F-1

After I used Canon New F-1 for many years, I shifted to older original F-1

This camera was first introduced in 1971 to break into Professional market which was dominated by Nikon F.

In late 50s, Canon rangefinders used to be quite popular with professionals in Japan, but they shifted market to more profitable middle class rather than luxury cameras.

Then, they stopped professional service and that was how all the professional shifted to Nikon rather than Canon.

It came out with brand new FD lens system which was designed for color photography.

Young people won’t believe….but in 60s, almost everybody used Black & White and 1970 was the year more people started using color film.

This means lots of old lens were not really careful about color balance and that was how Canon FD lens became famous. It was the perfect timing.

When I started using this camera, EOS was already in the market, but Canon was still selling FD lens because there was no computability between.

During film era, I was always happy about full manual camera because I really did not feel like trusting automatic things.

Today,  I don’t use manual at all….but it is not because I trust Automatic. It is only because I can check the result straight away with digital.

As I told you before, I lost interest in photography after I got New F-1. I realized the reason when I got original F-1.

It was good feeling on everything.

  • Clear view finder…..Not as bright as New  F-1….but the color was natural.
  • Strong & Smooth black paint….it was good feeling on hand.
  • Gentle shutter noise and low vibration.
  • good weight balance.
  • Accurate & easy to use metering system

There are also some negatives such us metering range is not as wide as New F-1…..but what I noticed was….

  • New F-1 improved negatives of original F-1.
  • At the same time, It lost all the positives of original F-1.

At least original F-1 did not have any problems while I was using, then I was using until the end of 2005. It was the time I shifted to digital.

Personally I am not very interested in latest technology or new products. I like something good and use good stuff for long time.

To me, AE or AF did not mean too much and that was how  I was using F-1. But Digital was different. It changed photography style completely and that was how I shifted to.

But none of camera feels as good as F-1 and that will be the same.

Street view of Chicago

Chicago Station

Chicago station is Located North of Downtown Chicago. This is closer to Old town. The tall building is Sears Tower.

Back alley of ChicaroTypical Back alley of Chicago Old town.

Season of Halloween in Chicago

This is the typical view in this season… least in North America……

Chicago Old town

There are more traditional style buildings and residential area in Old town.

State Street....Chicago

This is State Street, which is one of Main Streets in Downtown Chicago.
This is taken by film. Color daylight film with cloudy weather really sumirate chilly air in Chicago at this season. This is better than digital.

Michigan Avenue....Chicago

This is Michigan Avenue…main Street of Chicago in an early morning.

1- 4: CONTAX Tvs Digital

5.6: Canon F-1 Kodak Elite Chrome 100

People in Hollywood….Los Angeles

 View of Hollywood 1

View of Hollywood …..Leica Digilux 3

Hollywood is the typical tourist spot in Los Angeles. Hollywood is the city of movie….and city of fake.

People in Hollywood 1

People in Hollywood 1….CONTAX Tvs Digital

There are many movie calactors everywhere…..of course they are fake.

People in Hollywood 2

People in Hollywood 2……CONTAX Tvs Digital


People in Hollywood 3

People in Hollywood 3……Canon F-1 50-135mm F3.5

We won’t see anything real here…..but that is what people enjoy…..We are buying “image of Hollywood movies” here…..

Digital vs Film…..View of San Francisco bay

By flim……Canon F-1 New FD 50-135mm F3.5

By Digital……CONTAX Tvs Digital…….

I first started using Digital camera in 2005.

When I started using my first digital camera “CONTAX Tvs Digital“, I was surprised by the color. It looked totally different from the Canon F-1 I had been using for many years.

When I traveled United States in 2005, I used both film and digital. It was also last to use both Canon F-1 and CONTAX Tvs Digital at the same time.

So… they look like from today’s point of view…..?

I have 2 photos taken at exactly the same time.

Well……in this case… is looking clear and vivid color.

Digital is a bit dull…….but strong and heavy color.

At least, they are quite different color.

In 2005, I thought CONTAX was much better color…..thanks for Carl Zeiss lenns……but now, I can say Canon is also very good color too.

When I compare to CONTAX Tvs Digital and Tvs2……I thought Tvs2 film camera had more “Information” on it.

But in this case…..Actually CONTAX Tvs got quite reasonable information although it is 10-year-old 5MP camera.

As a result, I would say, film camera “Canon F-1” was quite good…….but at the same time, CONTAX Tvs Digital was good too.

At least it does not look like cheap digital image.

That’s how I stopped using firm after the trip and 2 Tvs Digital are still around me.

View of San Francisco bay…..Balclutha

There is a recognizable sailing ship at  “San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park”

There is the famous Alcatraz Island behind the ship.

In the evening, the famous fog started lifting……then, suddenly dropped the temperature.

Canon F-1  New FD 50-135mmF3.5