Slide show _ Los Angeles in summer

Slide show of Summer in Los Angeles.

Most of the photos are taken around Santa Monica and Venice Beach, Los Angeles.
BGM is from There song of 90’s shit com. “California Dreams”
Leica Digilux 3


Digital vs Film _ CONTAX Tvs Digital vs Tvs2

Venice beach by CONTAX Tvs Digital
Venice beach by CONTAX Tvs Digital
Venice beach by CONTAX Tvs2
Venice beach by CONTAX Tvs2

There is another Digital vs Film.

Believe it or not, those were taken at the same time. What’s the difference…….

Maybe, the first “Digital image” looks clearer and sharper. So, as a document, the digital one looks better.

At the same time, film image (bottom) really look like evening compare to the digital one. The film was Ektachrome 100.

Seems like CONTAX Tvs2 exaggerate the color especially in evening. This is what we call “Carl Zeiss lens are good liar…..”

Tell the truth, the color of Tvs digital looks closer to the real color I saw at that time.

But, at the same time, the color of Tvs2 looks more likely to be “evening”.

It is very hard to say which is better….but I prefer to be CONTAX Tvs2 image.

By the way, CONTAX used to sell A2 filter to reduce the color shifting in evening. Although I have it….but I don’t use it because I think it will kill the character of the lens.

By the way, the film image does not look very sharp because of the quality of film scanner I am using.

Evening at Venice beach, Los Angeles

Los Angeles……the city of endless summer……,

This is the evening view of Venice  beach which was captured from Santa monica beach side.

This is not a digital photo……It is scanned from film shot.  I was away from film for 5 years and started again recently. From the point of view, It seems like to have more information compare to digital image although it does not look as clear as digital……Lt look so….alive…..doesn’t it?

Canon F-1 NewFD50-135mm F3.5