Digital vs Film _ CONTAX Tvs Digital vs Tvs2

Venice beach by CONTAX Tvs Digital
Venice beach by CONTAX Tvs Digital
Venice beach by CONTAX Tvs2
Venice beach by CONTAX Tvs2

There is another Digital vs Film.

Believe it or not, those were taken at the same time. What’s the difference…….

Maybe, the first “Digital image” looks clearer and sharper. So, as a document, the digital one looks better.

At the same time, film image (bottom) really look like evening compare to the digital one. The film was Ektachrome 100.

Seems like CONTAX Tvs2 exaggerate the color especially in evening. This is what we call “Carl Zeiss lens are good liar…..”

Tell the truth, the color of Tvs digital looks closer to the real color I saw at that time.

But, at the same time, the color of Tvs2 looks more likely to be “evening”.

It is very hard to say which is better….but I prefer to be CONTAX Tvs2 image.

By the way, CONTAX used to sell A2 filter to reduce the color shifting in evening. Although I have it….but I don’t use it because I think it will kill the character of the lens.

By the way, the film image does not look very sharp because of the quality of film scanner I am using.


Vancouver Downtown….by CONTAX Tvs2

CONTAX Tvs2…..It was an expensive camera……Believe it or not, this point &shoot was costing $1500!!

I stopped using firm cameras in the end of 2005.

The reason was…..I quite liked my first digital camera “CONTAX Tvs Digital“.  But, at the same time, because I liked the color of “Cirl Zeiss lens”, I always wanted some kind of CONTAX film camera as well.

That was how I bought Tvs2 couple years ago.

What kind of color is it……? It is just amazing…….maybe some people won’t like it……
















Even with same film, I never had that kind of color with 20 year history with Canon.

Today, if you talk about “Quality of image”, digital is already better than 35mm film. But this is something I can’t replace to anything.

Even digital with boostingsaturation and contrast won’t make something like this.

With with that kind of high contrast,  not loosing detail and does not look flat…..


When CONTAX G1 was first introduced in 1994, it was extremely exiting news to me.

Those were the days, more and more Japanese people started buying imported camera like LEICA.

After the economical boom up in late 80s, Japanese mentality changed a lot…..and also due to strong currency and price up of domestic manufactures,  imported cameras did not look as expensive as before.

I was always more interested in Carl Zeiss lens rather than LEICA….so, it was so exciting to have LEICA like camera with Cirl Zeiss….. at least until I went to check at shop.

Well, it did not look as attractive as what I thought and soon medias started talking about its poorly designed Auto focus.

2 years later, updated version G2 arrived to the market. Main point was the improved auto focus. At least they worked on the negatives we saw on G1…..but the price tag of over $2000 was completely different world to me.

Time has changed and market shifted to digital.
Now, even G2 is cheap enough in secondhand market. 2 years ago, I found a reasonably priced G2 in Tokyo. It came with 90mm lens and flash as well!

I decided to buy it and when I was talking to the sales guy…..problem happened….! Auto focus stopped working and shutter became temperamental….!!

So, they sent it to repair, and found out it was costing too much to repair.  That was how I missed  the chance to purchase CONTAX G2.

Well….maybe it was lucky to happen the problem right before I pay…..

Then, I bought CONTAX Tvs2 instead. But when I finished my first film, I found all the shot was blurry around Right bottom.

It was covered by warranty…..maybe I was lucky……..but at the same time, it is showing how unreliable CONTAX were.

I have 2 Tvs Digitals….but both of them went to repair many times as well.

It is ashamed because their lens are the best!!

Vancouver Skyline in evening

In a sunny winter evening, the sky turned to beautiful purple.

I used CONTAX Tvs2 film camera for this special moment.

At the same time, I used digital camera as well……but still this one has something more detail.

At the same time, now I am so used to 4/3 format which is closer to square, 35mm looks too wide and hard to frame for me now.


Vancouver skyline from Burrard Bridge

Downtown Vancouver is located on a peninsula.

Downtown Vancouver is located on a peninsula.

There are 3 bridges connected to Downtown. The one on west is called “Burrard bridge”.

The reason those bridges are all extremely high is…….they are designed for ships.

This is the view of Downtown Vancouver from Burrard bridge. Cold cloudy winter evening…..when the sun came out through the clouds……. it created dramatic view.

Cirl Zeiss lens are designed for this type of sky…..I think……


Skyline of Downtown Vancouver

This is the skyline of Downtown Vancouver BC, Canada viewing from Granville bridge. You can see mountains at North Vancouver behind and snowing there.

During winter, we get lots of rain and it is not easy to see this kind of clear sky.

This is taken by film. Thanks for Cirl Zeiss lens…..such a strong color….!