Fifth Avenue, New York City

Fifth Ave. New York CIty

5th Avenue is one of the main street  running from north to south in New York City.

Near Central Park is one of the most expensive area all over the world.

Fifth Ave. New York CIty 2

If you come from other part of the United States, there is a totally different world here.

People, people and people…..especially for me, it was too busy after visiting Chicago.

Fifth Ave. New York CIty 3

When I first visited NYC in 80s, I noticed people are walking much faster than Chicago and less friendly. Every single person tried to rip me off….and that was how I hated NYC.

Fifth Ave. New York CIty 4

They cleaned up the city during 90s and now, it is much safer and people seems to be more friendly especially after the 911.

Fifth Ave. New York CIty 5

Yellow cabs, Empire State Building….it is the typical view of 5th Avenue.

CONTAX Tvs Digital


Twilight time on Granville Street in Vancouver

Granville Street in Summer 2010This photo was taken in summer 2010 at Granville Street, Vancouver.

In that summer, this main street was closed down and whole street was padestrien area.

The day is long in summer and the clock was showing 9:29PM.
Twilight time is one of the most exciting time for photography.

Believe it or not, this is taken by CONTAX Tvs Digital….which is 10 year old point & shoot.

Usually I don’ t take photos at night after twilight time. Before the sky get dark… is the most beautiful time and when the sky is black, I particularly don’t think it is beautiful.

That was how I did not have problem with 10 year old point & shoot camera.

Today, all the digital cameras are talking about high ISO speed  and say ISO12,800 or what ever…..maybe it will take photos we could not take old days.

But I want people to know, still most beautiful night view is “Twilight time”.
CONTAX Tvs Digital.

Adobe Photoshop _ Evening at Wreck Beach

Evening view at Wreck Beach by Adobe Photoshop

Summer is nearly ending…..and we have more cloud in the sky.

Thanks for the clouds….we had an amazing evening sky yesterday.

But…..only beautiful sky does not create the best photography.

So….all you need is….of course, Adobe Photoshop!

Evening in Wreck beach original

This is the original Photo….well….I wanted to delete the man in the middle!!

So, what I did was….set another photo of sun which was taken today on top of the guy, then used layer mask to mach up to the original photo.

At first, I tried to use Patch tool or Healing brush…but it did not work that well.

After that, I merged another photo of a ship which was taken a bit earlier.
Then, Adjust level by Adjustment layer.

That is how, the beautiful evening…but boring photo became amazingly nice!

Also my CONTAX Tvs Digital which was designed 10 years ago created extremely beautiful color. That is the color of Carl Zeiss!

After the sunset at Wreck Beach, Vancouver

Wreck Beach _ After the sunset

Wreck Beach is located far west  of Vancouver city.

This means it is the place we have the longest day in Vancouver.

Today, Sunset was about 8PM…..well…..the day is getting shorter……

As the summer ends, we have more clouds and that was how we had a amazing evening sky after the sunset.

Wreck Beach _ After the sunset 2

with zoom up…….

Sunset is a secuet time for this place. People dance, drams and scream around……

Wreck Beach _ After the sunset 3

This is taken different day.

Now, an exciting summer day is over…..and time to close the beach…….

CONTAX Tvs Digital

Digital vs Film _ CONTAX Tvs Digital vs Tvs2

Venice beach by CONTAX Tvs Digital
Venice beach by CONTAX Tvs Digital
Venice beach by CONTAX Tvs2
Venice beach by CONTAX Tvs2

There is another Digital vs Film.

Believe it or not, those were taken at the same time. What’s the difference…….

Maybe, the first “Digital image” looks clearer and sharper. So, as a document, the digital one looks better.

At the same time, film image (bottom) really look like evening compare to the digital one. The film was Ektachrome 100.

Seems like CONTAX Tvs2 exaggerate the color especially in evening. This is what we call “Carl Zeiss lens are good liar…..”

Tell the truth, the color of Tvs digital looks closer to the real color I saw at that time.

But, at the same time, the color of Tvs2 looks more likely to be “evening”.

It is very hard to say which is better….but I prefer to be CONTAX Tvs2 image.

By the way, CONTAX used to sell A2 filter to reduce the color shifting in evening. Although I have it….but I don’t use it because I think it will kill the character of the lens.

By the way, the film image does not look very sharp because of the quality of film scanner I am using.

Vancouver Slide show…..”Somewhere along the way”…..Yukihide Takekawa

I visited Vancouver in 2005. It was the first time since I left there in 1997. Time has chanced, so as myself…….City has changed a lot……

I was young those days……that is the reason I used this tune.

Yukihide Takekawa…..A Japanese singer song writer who is also known for the therm song of TV drama “Monkey”.

He is famous for Beatles fun……yes you could hear some essence from Beatles too….

CONTAX Tvs Digital