HDR image


Today, due to the digital technology, there is much more things we can do which we had to give up during film era.

Strong back light such as evening sky was the typical example.

  – This is… not good at all….

Even today, if you shoot that kind of landscape, Camera tries to average the exposure and that makes the image look boring.

That was how, we all gave up that kind of image old days… but today, HDR can save it.

   – If you adjust the exposure at  sky… again, this is not good at all…

Today, lots of cameras come with HDR mode which capture multiple images with different exposure instantly, then you merge those images by using graphic software.


In this case, I used Adobe Photoshop.

  1. Open Adobe Bridge
  2. select images you would like to merge.
  3. Go Tools – Photoshop – Merge to HDR Pro…


Then, do adjustment as you want.

Too see what happens, move one at the time and remember the number before you change.


Of course, you can do the final adjustment by using adjustment layers of Photoshop.

This is just amazing…. we were never be able to get this kind of image during the film era unless you use half ND filter or something…

For this image. I used Olympus E-M10+45mmF1.8.

E-M10 has mode to merge HDR in camera, but I found it works better this way by using photoshop.

When you use HDR mode, your camera will shoot multiple image very quick and you will be surprised if it was your first time.

It would be more stable to use tripods for it, but I did not use tripods on this image.


Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC

Wreck Beach Panorama

This is a panorama of Wreck Beach, which is famous as a Clothing-optional beach in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This is such a wide space and it has been quite hard to shoot here. It always get really boring photos….

If you use wide-angle, everything goes further away and it looks boring.

If you try to crop a part of the landscape… again it is boring too….

So, this time, I decided to merge 8 pictures into 1 by Adobe Photoshop.

I have known this place for many years and I have tried many times, but I still think it is the best shot at this stage.

By the way our government is trying to destroy this amazing landscape.
This place is now considered as “waste land”.

We have to protest about it. Please sign the petition here!





Digital Photo…..RAW vs JPEG

JPEG image came straight out of Camera.

JPEG image came straight out of Camera.

Vancouver night view by JPEG

This is from RAW file

When you take photography, are you taking RAW or just JPEG?

I always take Raw and JPEG together.

JPEG is type of compressed file to make file size small. When you take photo by digital camera, at first the camera take full information like RAW, then throwing away lots of information when the camera is saving files as JPEG.

But as long as you take RAW, you are getting all the information the camera can take at the moment.

This means it is much more adjustable when you do correction. Tell the truth, none of photos are good without any correction.

With the top 2 images, Raw file has more detail on the clouds. That kind of information is deleted from JPEG and that is how the file size is smaller.

100% crop from JPEG

100% crop from Raw File

100% crop from RAW file

100% crop from JPEG file

Those are cropped from 100% sizes. I could clear noise on RAW…but at the same time, it has lost some small detail compare to JPEG. Well….this is depends on what you want.. ..But I can say at least, it is better to take RAW and JPEG together if you could. For that, you will need bigger memory card and camera can get a bit slower. But it is good idea to have JPEG as sample. Without any sample, it is not that easy to adjust RAW file correctly.

For my Panasonic GX1, 16GB card can hold about 600 images. Well….it takes 4 DVDs to back up it….

Panorama of Colorado

Panorama of Colorado

This is Panorama of Superior town, Colorado I introduced last time.

Prairie surrounded by Rocky Mountains……

Actually…..this is done by Adobe Photoshop…..as usual…….

The background is merged 2 photos……but Photomerge did not work somehow.

image 1….Sky is removed by Channel mask

Image 2….Sky is removed by Channel mask

So, I had to merge 2 photos manually. But in that case,sky is the biggest problem. It is very hard to much up sky. So, I masked out sky by using “Channel Mask” then draw blue sky by “Gradient tool”, then used “Cloud brush” to draw some clouds on sky.

Image 3….truck

The truck at the left is also from different photo. Good thing is…the background is a kind of similar to other photos. So, I did not have to use complicated channel mask.

I could do with just normal “Layer mask”.

Now, all the image is merged together….but something is funny…..

Of course….the truck looks fake because it was not originally from the same place.

So, what we have to do is….Add some “shadow” on the track. In this case, it is very important to read lighting in whole image. In this case, I followed the shadow of house behind.

This way,  I draw some shadow on right-hand side of the truck and now, it does not look fake.

Merging images is very strong part of Photoshop. And to do it better “dealing with shadow” is the most important part and also quite difficult too.

Panorama of Colorado....B&W

Adobe Photoshop_ Merge images to make better photo

Pike Place Market_ Typical street snap shot

Pike Place Market_ Typical street snap shot

Street snap shot is not easy because there are so many people walking around and there is no way to control unless you have power & money to block the street.

This is the typical street shot…..well….not too bad…. apart from a person crossing right in front of me….

Well….it was lucky at least I had another similar shot at the same place.

Pike Place Market_ Typical street snap shot 2

Pike Place Market_ another shot at the same place

This is the another one….but I think this one is less interesting. On the first image,there is a ferry at the back and people on the sidewalk are looking better than this one.

So…..lets merge those 2 images.

I put the 2nd image on top of the 1st one.
Then, go to the 2nd image layer and set a Layer Mask to mask out where you don’t want.

In this case, I only wanted the cover up the person at the right hand of the first image.

Pike Place Market_ Final

This is how I got…..

At least it looks much better than before.

During the film era, timing was everything for street shooting. But today, you we can do so many things on Photoshop. So, If you see a nice view, it is good idea to take several at the same angle. This will help you quite often.

Panasonic Lumix GX1 PZ14-42mm

Panorama by Adobe Photoshop….View of San Francisco

Panorama San Francisco from Pier 39
This is Panorama of San Francisco from Pier 39.

During film era, shooting panorama was not easy job. To get proper image, they needed special camera which had swayable lens to capture wide-angle.

In 90s, lots of point& shoot camera had panorama…..but it was just cropping top and bottom of 35mm shot. It was not panorama at all.

But with digital cameras, we can create panorama with Adobe Photoshop very easy.

To do this, it is very important to shoot the images to marge.

First of all, it is better to use tripod to keep the horizon line even.
Then, it is also important to keep “overlap” between next images.

Image 1Image2


As you see, I got plenty of overlap between images.

Also you should not zoom while shooting all the images.

Then, go to Adobe Bridge.

Choose Images you’d like to merge, then go to Tools – Photoshop – Photomerge.

That will automatically create panorama and then, you will need final adjustment.

When the merger ends, all the layer is selected. So, what you should do is…….

Press “Shift + ALT + CTRL + E”…….that will keep the original layers and create layer which is merged all the layers together……This layer is easier to do retouch.

This panorama is really depending on the quality of original images. So, if you have a nice landscape in front of you, please remember what I told here.

Panasonic Lumix GX1 14-42mm

Car Design _ Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Car Design _ Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Original photo of Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Original photo of Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Bentley used to be owned by Rolls-Royce and were more personal and sportier character compare to Rolls Royce.

In 1999, Volks Wagen took over Rolls Royce…..but they failed to purchase RR brand although they took over all the company. That was how VW started to make Bentley instead of RR.

But for VW which is famous massproduction company, the traditional Rolls Royce twin were not their taste.

So, in 2003, they started selling Bentley Continental GT….which share the main components with Volkswagen Phaeton, Then, Continental Flying Spur is 4 door sedan version of Continental GT.

Tell the truth….this design looks “fancy KIA” to me.

Bentley tried to get out of traditional Rolls Royce platform and so as its design. They just tried to be more sporty or something.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

What is the problem of this design?

But, to me it is missing the balance a bit around the C pillar which I marked with Red circle.  This part is extremely important cor car design.

This is the one I gave some modification by Adobe Photoshop.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur _ Modified design

Bentley Continental Flying Spur _ Modified design

  • I modified the shape of C pillar. I did not touch the roof line…just the shape of rear door. That will make more stayable more luxurious but could be a bit less sporty…
  • Another point is Chrome side male.

Side mole is extremely important for car design…but these days lots of designers don’ t know because very few cars have those today.

The original one looks a bit too low and that is making it look taller and heavier. That will work for Rolls Royce….but to me, I prefer to be a bit higher as mime shows.

Bentley is Luxury car and also at the same time, it is sporty too. This way, it will look a bit hard to do….but, no worry, all you have to do is follow the basics of car design.

Always those to I talked has been extremely important and even in 21st century too.