Using bigger filter with step-up ring to share lens cap with other lenses.


Another lens which I purchased while I was in Japan was OLYMPUS M. ZUIKO 45mm F1.8.

Now, I got 15mm, 25mm and 45mm. As I was using 28mm, 50mm and 100mm for film, those are the perfect combination.

Talk about 45mm, I noticed it works quite well when you shoot motor vehicles.



Old days, we used to use 85mm or 100mm for shooting cars or motorcycles. Although they had good perspective, the depth of the focal was the big problem.

To get the detail of the body surface, you should not shoot during day time. Always best time is… cloudy or evening….

Also, to take whole vehicle reasonably clear, we had to use smaller aperture and that always required slow shutter speed.


This meant, we always needed tripods to take reasonable photos.

But, thanks for Micro-Four-Thirds… you don’t have to worry about depth of the focal and also due to the OLYMPUS’s strong image stabilizer, it is so easy to shoot without tripods.


Royal Enfield… believe it or not… it is 1995 model!

Although this lens is reasonably priced, I would say the image quality is as good as Panasonic Leica 25mm F1.4.

Only problem was… the filter diameter was 37mm which is smaller than 25mm and 15mm.
This meant when I swap lenses, it was quite annoying that I could not share the lens cap.I always had to look for the lens cap only for this lens.

So, I used step-up ring to use 46mm filter and now, I can share the lens cap with other 2 lenses.

Well… it looks a bit ugly… but it is more practical…