Panasonic LUMIX G X VARIO 12-35mm F2.8


I had been away from blog for 2 month because I was away to Japan.

Japan is the place for… shopping… so, I purchased expensive Panasonic LUMIX G X vario 12-35mmF2.8 which costs over $1,000 in Canada was $200 cheaper over there and also come with 5 year extended warranty!!

This lens is equivalent to 24-70mmF2.8 on 35mm format.

Panasonic-12-35mmF2.8First of all, this lens is slightly heavier than my Panasonic GX1. It makes me a bit out of balance.

That is the reason, I started using external view finder to get better holding.



This is a panorama which I merged 7 images by Adobe Photoshop.


When you do this kind of merger especially in this kind of clear sky, it is easy to get bad finish by cheap lenses due to the poor image quality around edges of each image.

Granville-Island_Panorama-Jan2015-2I think this one is done quite well due to the reasonable image quality around the edge.

Also the color balance is quite impressive. This one is merging 6 images.
When you use this kind of fast F speed luxurious lens, it is good idea to test in darker area.
So, I went to public market in Granville Island which is just near by.


Before, I was using Panasonic 14-42mmF3.5-5.6. In that case, I had to use ISO1600 at this place, but now, ISO400 is good enough at the same place!

_1190403This is even darker… but I still     could  handle with ISO400!




Photo from New York… just kidding… they were taking film in Vancouver and those New York Yellow Cabs are all movie set.

This is the twilight time in winter. But I still could handle with ISO400 without tripods.


If you want the same kind of lens for 35mm format, you will have to pay at least $2,000 and you have to deal with the weight which is like carring a rock.
When you think that way, this lens could be quite compact and reasonably priced.

Panasonic Lumix GX1 + 14-42mm F3.5-5.6
It is much bigger and heavier than my old 14-42mm lens, but I don’t need tripod as much as before and it can reduce weight too.

I can say this is a quite reasonable high quality zoom lens which I can recommend to micro four-thirds users.


Another good news is… this is “Made in Japan” !!

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GX7

Panasonic LUMIX DMC GX7 + 40mm

Panasonic LUMIX DMC GX7 + 40mm

Finally,  successor of Panasonic GX1…which I has revealed.

Last Octorbar, there was rumor of its new model “GX2” and tell the truth, the market distribution was getting slower and slower.

Actually, quite a few internet shops stopped selling GX1 at that time and that was how the market price which was keep coming down recovered due to the limited supply.

But, the new model did not arrive to market and we had to wait for another year.

The Biggest sales point is….the built in view finder with Rangefinder looking body shape.

This was what lots of people were waiting for….

Another big thing is the body side image stabilizer which is first for Panasonic.

Panasonic is the pioneer of image stabilizer and they knew Lens side one works better.
That was how even in the same micro four-thirds group, Panasonic was using lens-side image stabilizer and Olympus was body side.

In fact….especially for video, body-side one is just useless and Olympus video is not really impressive.

But with the body-side works for any lens including old lens with lens mount.

Brand-new sensor, Variable angle monitor, dual dial operation…or etc….I think this camera is quite well designed.

Although the body size is a bit bigger than GX1, but I think it is better size for people with bigger hands.

Before, Panasonic had GH, G, GF….and GX1. There were so many model and that was how, GX1 was a quite good camera, but they did not do lots of things they could because they wanted to sell higher priced GH series too.

But now, It is quite well done and GX7 is going to be a top grade of box-type camera.

I guess Panasonic was planning to launch GX2 last year to replace GX1 and it was minor-change version of GX1…but they cancelled the project due to more competition such as SONY NEX6.

Now, they are starting about $1000 for its body. I will wait for another year and it will be reasonable price by the time…

To me, it is the best camera of the year at this stage….

Panasonic GX2….???


Panasonic GX2 ???

Just kidding……..

Yesterday, I saw a photo of upcoming Panasonic GX2 in a website.

Well… looks like similar to GX1 and big grip like GH2 and also variable monitor looks like GH2……

So, I made similar thing by Adobe Photoshop……That is what I copied the image.

It is slightly different from the one on the website, but I think it was only fake.

They say it was going to be revealed next month. Just wait a little while…….

Adobe Photoshop_ Merge images to make better photo

Pike Place Market_ Typical street snap shot

Pike Place Market_ Typical street snap shot

Street snap shot is not easy because there are so many people walking around and there is no way to control unless you have power & money to block the street.

This is the typical street shot…..well….not too bad…. apart from a person crossing right in front of me….

Well….it was lucky at least I had another similar shot at the same place.

Pike Place Market_ Typical street snap shot 2

Pike Place Market_ another shot at the same place

This is the another one….but I think this one is less interesting. On the first image,there is a ferry at the back and people on the sidewalk are looking better than this one.

So…..lets merge those 2 images.

I put the 2nd image on top of the 1st one.
Then, go to the 2nd image layer and set a Layer Mask to mask out where you don’t want.

In this case, I only wanted the cover up the person at the right hand of the first image.

Pike Place Market_ Final

This is how I got…..

At least it looks much better than before.

During the film era, timing was everything for street shooting. But today, you we can do so many things on Photoshop. So, If you see a nice view, it is good idea to take several at the same angle. This will help you quite often.

Panasonic Lumix GX1 PZ14-42mm

Fisherman’s Wharf….San Francisco

View of San Francisco bay

Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the most famous tourist spot by the San Francisco bay.

As the name shows, Italian fishamen settled around this area and caught crabs during the Gold rush.

Famous sign of Fisherman's WharfThey say there are still actual fishermen are around here….

It is the place of seafood……..well……
Crub, Crub and Crub.......

It is quite expensive for most of the people.

Seafood at Fisherman's Wharf

But somehow, we feel like buying something here…..

Famous Tram in San Francisco

In the late afternoon, fog started lifting from San Francisco bay. Suddenly the temperature drops as well.
Now the sun is covered and creating miseries lighting.

Those photos were taken by my brand new Panasonic GX1 + PZ14-42mm.
I was a bit worried about the lens due to the compact size and had some report about faulty Image Stabilizer…..but I am quite satisfied about those images.

San Francisco_ Powell Street

Powell St. Union Square Cable carAs I said before, I first used my brand new Panasonic LUMIX GX1when I was traveling the United States.

End of Powell Street is the starting point of the world famous Cable cars.

There is a turn table which is manually operated to turn the direction.

Under the strong sun and shadow, it is creating quite strong contrast.
To me, this image looks a little bit like film with classic Contax or something.

Leica Digilux 3 was film like camera….but still this is a bit different type of film like image.

Panasonic LUMIX GX1 PZ14-42mm