Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 15mm F1.7


OLYMPUS OM-D E-M10+ Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 15mm F1.7

Granville-island_Panorama2016s   – Merged 8 photos by Adobe Photoshop

This was my first single lens since I started using digital camera.

When I choose this one, I really had a hard time to choose one from 25mm and 15mm.
Since I grew up with 50mm standard lens, I knew 25 was going to be easy to use… but at the same time, I thought 15 would be easier to use under more different situation.

They say this is about similar to iPhone camera…!

I knew I was going to buy 25mm sooner or later, but I choose this one for my 1st.


This is slightly longer than 28mm wide angle lens and slightly shorter than 35mm lens.

Recently, I take lots of panorama photos by using Adobe Photoshop. In that case, it is better not to be too wide due to the distortion.


Do you see the difference between the one from previous post?

Seems like this lens is a kind of perfect for it.

When I was using zoom lenses, I hardly ever used wide angle lenses some reason… but I am quite different when I use this lens.

Zoom lenses are easy to use… but at the same time, it can confuse you as well.

Single lenses can’t take anything, but it can take something you have been missing out…


Leica T system

Leica T_System

As Leica website said, Brand new Leica T system was revealed today.

The photos I posted last time was the real… it is full aluminum body.

16.3MP APS-C format with new Leica T mount.

T-SYSTEM-USP-TOUCHSCREEN_teaser-307x2053.7in large monitor with full touch screen operation.

Actually… it looks like smart phone or something….

Of course, you can use WiFi to make it easy to connect social networks.


16GB internal memory

2 lenses are available ….23mm F2 ASPH.and 18-56mm f3.5-5.6 ASPH.

The price seems to be below $2000.

Leica has been struggling with their sales due to the price for the primitive mechanism.
To get younger customer, this won’t to be too bad.

Perhaps… it is going to be my next camera.


Leica new mirrorless camera is coming… !

LeicaT701_body1 LeicaT701_body3

Leica officially announced that they are unvailing brand new mirrorless camera in April 24th at 3PM CET.

Rumor says those photos are body shell for new Leica mirrorless.

new leica

This is the official image from Leica website…. At least they are saying this the new model is made by solid aluminium… this way, maybe those images are the real.

But… to me… it really does not look like Leica. It is more like SONY or something.

Seems like there are 2 dials at the right thumb like SONY NEX-7.

Another thing is… the hole at the front panel is a kind of odd..

Are they starting another new lens system?
They already have M, and S… which is extremely expensive, very slow to sell and still making another line?

It really does not look good idea to me.

Does the AF work as good as Japanese?  Can they prepare their own lens system from nothing?

There are so many questions on this new model.
I bought Leica Digilux 3 because I knew it was made by Panasonic.

Leica has been doing with Panasonic for many years and I still think it was better idea to do with them.

I guess it is going to be Leica X + interchangeable lens.


Spring in Japan… Kyoto 2

L1140109sKyoto style restaurant is now ready to open… the color of kimono is for spring season now.


L1140145sKyoto is an old town. There is over 1000 years of history and due to the history, there are narrow roads all over the place.

Night view at Shirakawa river, Gion.

L1140203sDuring this season, people come out for partying under cherry trees….

Spring in Japan… Miyajima

L1130707sMiyajima is a small island in Hiroshima prefecture.

It has known as a spiritual place for thousands of years and now, known for the Itsukushima shrine which was established in DC593.

After the 10 minutes of ferry trip, this Torii (Gate) will welcome you.


Not only the Itsukushima shrine, there are many temples all around the island.


L1130717sMountains, temples and cherry trees… This place is known for autumn view… but spring pretty as well.

Leica Digilux 3 Leica D 14-50mm F2.8-3.5

Leica developing micro Four Thirds Mirrorless Camera???

Leica Mirrorless Camera based on Panasonic GM1 by using Adobe Photoshop

Leica Mirrorless Camera based on Panasonic GM1 by using Adobe Photoshop

Leica is going to develop micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera….???

Actually the rumor has been around since micro Four Thirds came out and when GF1 came out, lots of people expected Leica version…. but it did not happen and they brought out X1 with fixed lens. I remember when the scoop photo came out, we were expecting to be micro Four Thirds.

Then, there was another rumor said they were developing APS-C mirrorless… at that time, I predicted Fuji X-pro1 brother… then, it did not happen.

When we heard about “Leica Mini M… ” again we were expecting some kind of mirrorless camera… then, it did not happen again.

I can see Leica is struggling in this market due to their technology level.

M series are way over priced and there is nothing between X series.

From my experience, Leica Digilux 3 was a quite good camera, but there was nothing to replace that position.

At least they have been making Panasonic OEM point & shoots until today,  It is very good idea to have micro Four-Thirds mirrorless. They already have several Leica lenses in this series.

Last year, Leica was saying they did not want to make “Compact camera body with huge lens like Coke can”.

I guess at that time, they were trying to do with bigger APS-C… but as you see the result of X-Vario, they recognized it was not possible to have APS-C with reasonable compact zoom lens. Then, they stopped the project of APS-C mirrorless and came back to micro Four-Thirds… I guess that was the story.

Well… I did not have chance to replace Digilux 3 and now, I am using Pananonic GX1, but if micro Four Thirds comes out, It will be a good replacement for me this time.

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Leica mini M…more update…


Now….the box of mini M is a bit more open compare to last post.


Now, we can see more than before.

'Leica Camera AG - Home' - us_leica-camera_com_home

Well…if I see this…I have to say my previous post was wrong. The image of Mini M was everywhere including news site!! But as far as I see, the lens is not as big as the photo we had before.

At least I still think the body is based on X2…..but talk about lens…I have no idea.

leicaminim1As I said last time, the lens is too big on this photo.

It could be zoom lens with APS-C format….or could be 35mm full-size point& shoot….

From the name, It does not sound like big brother of X2. They are calling Mini M….this means It could be 35mm point & shoot like Sony RX1.

At least those Ads. are quite interesting….but it is not attractive to me…