Autumn rain in Chicago

Rainy morning in ChicagoThis is morning rush hour of Chicago. It does not look that busy….but busy for Chicago.

We are having wet autumn morning.

mid-day shower in ChicagoWe had some shower around mid-day. The sun is coming out through the clouds and creating dramatic light.

After the rain in Millenium Park

This is the view of Millenium Park after the rain. The contrast between  the modern art and sky scrapers behind were interesting.

Millenium Park in Chicago

Evening in Chicado Evening of Downtown Chicago. It was raining on and off until evening and now, the cloud created beautiful….or a bit scary color. For this photo, I did not do any re-touch

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Downtown Chicago

Downtown Chicago from Grant Park

This is a view of Downtown Chicago from Grant Park. As you see each of them are quite caractristicly designed.

Downtown Chicago from Lake MIchigan

This is a view from Lake Michigan. John Hancock Center is the 2nd tallest in Chicago.

Beach of Lake Michigan...Chicago

Beach by the lake Michigan is like any other beach. Only difference is…..there is no sea shell.

The tap water in Chicago tastes a bit different. When I drank some from Lake Michigan, It was the same taste.

Commuter trains in Chicago

The arban population is not very big in Chicago. Lots of people are commuting with trains. It is a view of rush hour.

Sears TowerSears Tower (Now called Willis Tower) is the symbol of Chicago.
It had been the tallest building from 1973 to 1998 and now, it is still the tallest in the United States.

As the name says, It used to be a head office of Department Chain “Sears”. But it was sold in 1994…but they still kept the name until 2009 and now called “Willis Tower”.

Chicago was the first American city I visited in 1980s…..even for me, I don’t feel like calling it Willis Tower…’s a joke….!

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Chicago 1

Downtown Chicago 1

Chicago is the largest city in the Mid-west which is facing to Lake Michigan.

It is known for the tall buildings. The black one with 2 antenas is John Hancock Center which is the 2nd tallest in Chicago.Downtown Chicago 2

About this time of the year, the air starts chilling and get a bit more cloudy.

Downtown Chicago 3

There was an interesting sign in the middle of the main street.

Downtown Chicago 3

Touristy things are going on….but I still think Chicago is not a tourist city. That is why I like here….

Downtown Chicago 4Elevated train line in the Loop, downtown Chicago.
Trains are running through building with horrouble noize… is the typical view of Chicago…..

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Broadway _ Downtown Los Angeles

Broadway _ Los Angeles Downtown

Broadway4 _ Los Angeles Downtown

Broadway2 _ Los Angeles Downtown

Broadway3 _ Los Angeles Downtown

Downtown Los Angeles is interesting.

This former theater district is no longer and now it is working class shopping district.

Fancy old neon signs and Gothic style buildings are a kind of Legacy of 20th century’s Good old America…..and now completely different people are having different lifestyle here.

It is the modern ruin of 20th century.

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View of Downtown Los Angeles _ Adobe Photoshop

View of Downtown Los Angeles
Lots of people don’t know that we can see snowy mountains behind Downtown Los Angeles.

We can see it only winter time after rain.

This means I was lucky…..well….this is done by Adobe Photoshop.

I removed the original sky by Channel mask and much up photo of snowy mountains which was taken in Seattle.

View of Downtown LA original

Original photo had dull & boring cloudy sky… least it turned into dramatic photo.

Leica Digilux 3

View from Granville Bridge…..Vancouver

To access to Downtown Vancouver, there are 3 bridges and the one you see on photo is Burrard bridge, the one I am standing is the middle one and called `Granville Bridge”.

This is taken from the Granville bridge.

Right side with lots of buildings is Downtown and left bottom where you see a sailing ship is Granville island….which used to be a industrial area and now turned into tourist area.

Canon F-1  New FD20-35mmF3.5