Car Design _ C-Pillar….the key point of Car Design

Chevrolet Caprice _ Front

Design of Chevrolet Caprice
In 1990, brand new Chevrolet Caprice arrived to the market with completely new body shape.

In the traditional market, the excentric rounded shape was not popular and that was how all the traditional American car users shifted to Ford.

Chevrolet Caprice _RearWhat you think today? Well…..still ugly…..I feel exactly the same way as when I first saw over 20 years ago.

The sloppy fat ugly body shape was also called ” Beached whale ” at that time.

I think the biggest problem is the shape of ” C-Pillar“.

Buick Roadmastar _ Front

This is Buick Roadmaster which is brother of Caprice and came out 1 year later.
Although it is sharing most of the body shape, this looks way better.

Buick Roadmaster _ Rear

More aggressive grill design, wide tail lamps which is tradition of Buick…..and the biggest point is the C-pillar.

Chevrolet Caprice _Rear _  Photoshop

Let’s try some experiment. I matched up Buick Roadmaster’s C-pillar to Chevrolet Caprice by Adobe Photoshop!!

What’s a beautiful car …..!!

Obviously it is telling how important the design of C-Pillar !

Chevrolet Caprice_ Front_ Photoshop

Chevrolet Caprice struggled in the market back then it was simply because of the sloppy design. But look at this! This is even better than Ford Crown Victoria.

Chevrolet Caprice_ Photoshop 2

I tweaked around tail lamp on this image and it even looks more respectable.

My experiment is telling how important the “C-Pillar” shape is. And this could kill entire body shape as well.

But today, lots of designers are not very careful around this area. That is the reason lots of cars look like melting down like this old Caprice.