Happy Halloween ! by Adobe Photoshop

Happy Halloween!Happy Halloween!! by Adobe Photoshop.

This is created by Adobe Photoshop.

The background is Bran Castle in Romania which is base of Dracula. Pumpkin…..just made by layers of ovals and gradient.

Unfortunately, it is raining now in Vancouver, BC…..it is going to be Trick or Treat in rain this year…..




Panorama of Colorado

Panorama of Colorado

This is Panorama of Superior town, Colorado I introduced last time.

Prairie surrounded by Rocky Mountains……

Actually…..this is done by Adobe Photoshop…..as usual…….

The background is merged 2 photos……but Photomerge did not work somehow.

image 1….Sky is removed by Channel mask

Image 2….Sky is removed by Channel mask

So, I had to merge 2 photos manually. But in that case,sky is the biggest problem. It is very hard to much up sky. So, I masked out sky by using “Channel Mask” then draw blue sky by “Gradient tool”, then used “Cloud brush” to draw some clouds on sky.

Image 3….truck

The truck at the left is also from different photo. Good thing is…the background is a kind of similar to other photos. So, I did not have to use complicated channel mask.

I could do with just normal “Layer mask”.

Now, all the image is merged together….but something is funny…..

Of course….the truck looks fake because it was not originally from the same place.

So, what we have to do is….Add some “shadow” on the track. In this case, it is very important to read lighting in whole image. In this case, I followed the shadow of house behind.

This way,  I draw some shadow on right-hand side of the truck and now, it does not look fake.

Merging images is very strong part of Photoshop. And to do it better “dealing with shadow” is the most important part and also quite difficult too.

Panorama of Colorado....B&W

View of Downtown Los Angeles _ Adobe Photoshop

View of Downtown Los Angeles
Lots of people don’t know that we can see snowy mountains behind Downtown Los Angeles.

We can see it only winter time after rain.

This means I was lucky…..well….this is done by Adobe Photoshop.

I removed the original sky by Channel mask and much up photo of snowy mountains which was taken in Seattle.

View of Downtown LA original

Original photo had dull & boring cloudy sky…..at least it turned into dramatic photo.

Leica Digilux 3

Adobe Photoshop _ Old car in California

Adobe Phogoshop _ Old car in California

The other day, I found a photo of an old car.

Well….it looks a bit familiar to me. About 30 years ago, Olympus produced camera called OM20. The camera itself was nothing special…but I was quite impressed the catalog photos which seems like been taken near “Lonepine, California” which is near the border of Nevada or nearest town to Death Valley.

There was a photo of an old rusty car in a middle of desert. That mast have been sitting at the same spot for several decades. There are many bullet holes on it…..that is telling the rough history.  It was such a dramatic photo for me when I was young.

30 years after, I fount this photo and I am quite sure it is the same car which I saw 30 years ago!!

Thanks to the dry weather in desert….it is still keeping the shape.

Well…I decided to play a little bit with this photo….

Old car in California _ original

This is the original photo. I extended right hand side of the background,  replaced background to more dramatic snowy mountains by using channel mask and adjusted entire levels.

Where you see the buffalo skull….there is the border of the extension of background.
When I did it, I was using Photoshop CS2. But with CS5, this kind border will be much easier.

This is something I would like to see in the future….

Adobe Photoshop project…..view of Tofino, BC. Canada

This was my first Adobe Photoshop project created as a final project for Photoshop Level 2 course.

Main skill we learned was…”Channel Mask” to marge images.

This is the original image which I took in Tofino, BC Canada.

Creating Channel mask for sailing ship was the difficult part because of thin lines.

Also due to my first project, placing objects at right place and perspective was the difficult point.

Thanks for LEICA camera…..this dull & heavy color was good mach for this project.

Olvera Street, Downtown Los Angeles

When I say “Downtown Los Angeles“……lots of people still think it is the capital of criminals…….well…..maybe some part still is……But, at the same time, there are lots of good culture too.

Olvera street is the oldest part of Los Angeles and was originally developed by Mexico.

Now this part is preserved as a Mexico town and is my favorite place in downtown.

This photo is…..actually, it is not the original photo. Something has been done by Adobe Photoshop.

Here, this is the original!

I used the technique I introduced before.

But because of complicated shape of trees, I could not use “Magic Eraser”, so I had to create “Channel Mask” to remove the original sky.

As a photo, maybe the first one would be more exciting……bat as a reality, the second one looks more likely to be LA.

Leica Digilux 3 14-50mmF2.8-3.5