Trip to the USA 8… Bodie, California


Bodie California is is known as a ghost town which is 214km south of Reno, Nevada.

In late 19th century, the small town in the middle of nowhere boomed up with gold mining and suddenly the population grew up to 10,000.

But in early 20th century, there was no more gold and that was the time people started leaving the town.

After the big fire in 1932, more and more people left and in the middle of 20th century, it became a ghost town.

I took I395 to go down to south… but it was so windy. In that day, I was not sure if I was going to Bodie or I was also thinking of going to South Lake Tahoe which is only 80km from Reno.

I395 Nevada_Panorama1

I was thinking of deciding depends on the condition… but the wind was getting harder and harder. Then, speed came down to 70km/h… I felt danger and had to stop at the road side.

Then, a police officer came by and told me that it was going to be dangerous to ride sport bike in this area. He also said they always get that kind of wind there and it was safer to take Old I395.

It was so windy and it was not easy just to stand straight. It was as bad as Typhoon…

But Harley Davidson are just going without any problem! That was the time I noticed that the weight of Harley is a part of performance to run in the USA…

Old I395 Nevada_Panorama2

On old I395, it was much easier although it was still quite windy and I decided to go all the way to Bodie.

By the time I got to Carson City, Nevada, there was no more wind.


After that, all I did was ran beside the dynamic Sierra Nevada Range… Further I go, less and less traffic we got. By the time, there was no divider in the middle.


Bridgeport_CANearest Town Bridge Port is still 30km away…

Last 16km was windy mountain road. There were few cars and I just could not believe there was something over the mountains…

mountain road to Bodie

Last 3 miles were rough road… I really wanted to give up when I first saw it. Fully loaded sport bike on rough road… it was a kind of the worst situation…

The rough road is going all the way over the mountains… it would be hard to imagine going that windy mountain road on bike.

Bodie California

Finally, I could see Bodie California…

Over 100 years ago, people came all the way to this place…. What made people do that?

Gold…and desire… Desire made people come to this place and made them to build a town.

Then. when they had no more gold, they just left.

You will see the energy of desire when you visit this place…



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