Trip to the USA Truckee – Donner Lake


In Truckee California, which is 32 miles from Reno, there is a lake called “Donner Lake” which wad named after old pioneer “Donner Party”.

Donner-lakeDonner Lake… formerly called Truckee lake

Donner LakeView of Donner Lake… there is nothing to remind the tragedy….

Donner PartyIn May 1846, Donner party left the frontier town Independence Mi. It was the last group of the year.

They merged with some other families and the party ended up with 87 people and the half was children.

But they took harder “California Trail” instead of easier but longer “Oregon Trail” and also taking “Hastings Cut-Off” was the suicidal decision…

Due to the unknown Hastings Cut-Off, They had to struggle in great salt desert.

It killed so many horses and cows and it dramatically made them slow down.

By the time they arrived to Sierra Nevada Range, it was already in rate October. There was great desert behind and mountains in front… then, they decided to go forward to mountain.

But soon they had snow and was trapped by the Donner lake to pass the winter.
They did not have much experience on this kind of survival and soon the food ran out.

It ended up with cannibalism and only 48 people survived from the camp.

Today, there is a town called Truckee near by, but there was nothing at that time.

When I passed by AMTRAK in 2005, there was an announce about this story.


View of mail street of Truckee.


$5 for Pizza and Beer… not bad at all…

California Zephyr

Amtrak California Zephyr… it is going to San Francisco

California Zepyr 2

This one is going to Chicago.
Truckee California is a small town with railway.

Downtown Truckee

Main street of Truckee… They are preserving old buildings quite well and it even look way better than 10 years ago.

View of Truckee

View of Sierra Nevada on the way back to Reno. It was quite smoky due to the fire in California.





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