Trip to the USA 5 San Francisco – Reno

San Francisco to Reno

As I get further from San Francisco, the air gets warmer and warmer.

The wind is not as strong as last time when I came to San Francisco and had quite comfortable ride until I got to the toll gate.

San Francisco is charging me when I came and also when I leave… such a rip-off… Funny thing was… here, the toll gate was automatic. When I think the traffic jam when I came, I don’t understand why they are using different system…

Old-SacramentoOld Sacramento

After an hour ride, I got to State Capital, Sacramento. I have passed by so many times, but it was really my first time to stop by.

This is more likely to be political city and the main tourist attraction is the old town “Old Sacramento”.

This area is between Sacramento river and Highway. Due to the poor location, it was left from the development.

It is quite well-preserved old 19 century style.

_1170875$7 for buffet style was quite good…

I had some lunch here and had to harry for Sierra Nevada Range which was the hardest part for early pioneers to come to California.

View of Sierra Nevada Range
Panorama of Sierra Nevada Range

Actually, this part was the main event for me on this trip.

After Sacramento, I could see the change of the plantation. There is more green…
But tell the truth, I did not feel like I am climbing high mountains. I just thought “Well…now there are more trees, more windy road,…” but I really did not feel like I was on mountain although signs are showing the altitude.

But, this kind of landscape is just keep going on… it means I am in a huge mountain range…

At least it is better to pass before the sunset.

It was looking quite misty and it was looking mysterious too. Later on, I heard it was because of fire….

Total distance was 350km…it is long enough even on normal highway,  but it is including Sierra Nevada Range… but partly because of mild weather, It was not bad at all!

Reno, Nevada

Reno is known as Casino city,,, but today, there are casinos everywhere and it seems to be really quiet here today.

At the same time, lots of people from California are moving here for cheaper property…


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