Trip to the USA 3…Red Bluff, California

Medford OR to Red-Bluff CA

It was such a nice weather since the morning.
I just can’t Believe this is same Oregon.

I checked out at 11AM and had lunch in Downtown Medford.


Actually… this kind of things are way cheaper in Vancouver.

California is not too far… but I just did not see sign of the border which I usually saw at the other borders.

As I go south, warmer and warmer it gets.


Mt.Shasta… it is the tallest mountain in this area.

This is not too far from Redding, which is the biggest city in Northern California, But I went to Red Bluff which is about 50km further south to equalize the daily mirage.

It is just hot… Red Bluff is a small town whose tallest building is an old church…

Red Bluff California

This is the main street of Red Bluff.

When we say California, people think of blue sky and tropical ocean… but not here… or I would say most part of California is something like this little town.

But, I quite liked this place.

It was just hot…partly because this town is located in a valley.  It was the hottest town  I visited in this trip and I had to take off my riding jacket.

When I got town, it was still 5:30PM, but there was nothing open in downtown.

Red-Bluff Downtown

There were 2 bars open in downtown and I went to one of them, ordered a local beer and talked to local people for a while.

Red Bluff California2nd tallest building is… movie theater…

accommodation was a motel again. Today, even dorm bed in HI hostel costs $40/night.
If you think that way, $45/night for motel is quite reasonable.

Only thing is… there is no communication with other tourists.
Red Bluff California 2





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