Trip to the USA 2


To go to California from Vancouver, taking Interstates 5 is the easiest way.

Seattle and Portland were a bit rainy… as usual, so I had to harry as much as I could.
But after I left Portland, the weather got a bit better.

When we say “Oregon”, we think mountains or beautiful coast line… but absolutely there is nothing around I5. It is just straight freeway.


I guess they just tried to be as straight as possible. On that kind of road, it is very hard to keep me awake… Sometimes, I had to take a brake every 50km. All you see is the flat land and road surface.

Sometimes I had to pull off at any closest exit which had nothing.

But if you see the southern part of Oregon, you can see it is quite hilly and windy.
This meant it was just straight boring drive earlier time and when I got tired, it was windy road everywhere…


This is the view right before I got into the hilly windy area.

By the time it was getting dark and the total distance was over 500km in this day.

It was one of the hardest day in this trip.

But, Medford Oregon was much warmer and drier… it was more likely to be California.

It was the first time to stay in Motel in the United States. When we travel in North America, it is very hard to find reasonable accomodation like backpacker hostel.

But here, I found Motel for $45/night which is quite reasonable.


When I got to Medford, it was already dark and all I could do was have some dinner and have some local beer at a local bar.


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