Jericho Beach, Vancouver BC

Jericho Beach 1Panasonic GX1+45-150mm

Jericho beach is the opposite side of Downtown Vancouver.
It is known for the spectacular  skyline of Downtown.

Jericho Beach 2Fuji X-A1+16-50mm

When you look at your left hand, there is a breathtaking view of Mountains in North Vancouver.

DSCF1112sFuji X-A1+16-50mm

It is the most relaxing time of the day…  It is nice to have zoom which start from 24mm equivalent in this kind of situation.


Bunnies are hanging around the beach. Seems like they are well treated by tourists…

These days, I use Fuji X-A1 with 16-50mm standard zoom and Panasonic GX1 with 45-150mm Telephoto zoom.

Fuji 16-50mm is equivalent to 24-75mm… it is a bit too short on telephoto side for me… but it is very good to have 24mm on wide side.

If you compare the telephoto zoom lenses… Micro Four-thirds system makes much smaller and also have better auto focus system. So, I think it is a kind of the best way to use these 2 cameras.


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