Leica new mirrorless camera is coming… !

LeicaT701_body1 LeicaT701_body3

Leica officially announced that they are unvailing brand new mirrorless camera in April 24th at 3PM CET.

Rumor says those photos are body shell for new Leica mirrorless.

new leica

This is the official image from Leica website…. At least they are saying this the new model is made by solid aluminium… this way, maybe those images are the real.

But… to me… it really does not look like Leica. It is more like SONY or something.

Seems like there are 2 dials at the right thumb like SONY NEX-7.

Another thing is… the hole at the front panel is a kind of odd..

Are they starting another new lens system?
They already have M, and S… which is extremely expensive, very slow to sell and still making another line?

It really does not look good idea to me.

Does the AF work as good as Japanese?  Can they prepare their own lens system from nothing?

There are so many questions on this new model.
I bought Leica Digilux 3 because I knew it was made by Panasonic.

Leica has been doing with Panasonic for many years and I still think it was better idea to do with them.

I guess it is going to be Leica X + interchangeable lens.



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