Photography from Brooklyn Bridge… New York City

Brooklyn Bridge Panorama

Brooklyn Bridge Panorama

The Brooklyn Bridge is a bridge in New York CIty and is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States which was completed in 1883

It has 2 stores structure and top story is the walkway for pedestrians and bikes..

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

After a half our relaxing walk, I arrived to the other side of the bridge.

View of Manhattan from Brooklyn

View of Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn

This is the panorama view of Manhattan from the other side of Brooklyn Bridge.

This area, former port is now re-developed as ‘Brooklyn Bridge Park” which did not exist when I came last time in 2005.

View from Brooklyn

View from Brooklyn

You can see “One World trade center building” which is nearly done is one of the new landscape of this area.

It was a nice clear autumn morning… which means quite chilly and windy… After this, I went to Union Square Market and had some “Hot Apple Cider” to worm up.

Panasonic GX1 PZ14-42mmF3.5-5.6


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