Travel to New York… Central Park

Central Park Panorama 1

Central Park Panorama 1

Central Park is located in the middle of Manhattan Island.

It will take several days to see whole area of this park. Due to the size, it is not easy to take landscape photos here.

But… not anymore.

It is not that hard to take panorama photos by digital cameras.All you have to do is take several photos and merge by Adobe Photoshop. 4 photos have been used for this one.

Just launch “Adobe Bridge”, then select images to merge and go to Tools – Photoshop – Photomerge. That will automatically build panoramas.


Some cameras even have panorama mode and camera does the merger by itself.

Central Park Panorama 2

Central Park Panorama 2

Autumn is the most beautiful season in Central Park. The contrast of the autumn leaves and skyscrapers behind is breath-taking…

2 images were used for this one. If you try to use wide-angle lenses, you will get all the buildings badly tilted.

Central Park Panorama 3

Central Park Panorama 3

Weather in New York seems to be changeable. Soon after this, the sun was covered by clouds and started raining.

Autumn in New York is the best time… but at the same time, the day is very short…


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