Panasonic GX1 + Electronic View Finder LVF-2

Panasonic GX1+ LVF2

Panasonic GX1+ LVF2

Before I went to New York, I purchased Panasonic LVF2 for my GX1.

As you know, Panasonic GX1 does not come with view finder and it sometimes make hard to use especially extremely sunny days or when using telephoto zoom.

I have been doing photography for over 30 years and that is why I know it was better to have it… but it is so expensive…

It is about $200 in US, so I bought it from Japan which was about $175US.. it was cheaper.. but still expensive.


  1. The position of eye-piece is higher than normal camera. It makes easy to hold and easy to close under arms tightly.
  2. Variable angle is handy. I used to use “Angle finder” for Canon F-1, but LVF2 got built-in variable angle.
  3. Quality of image is… at least way better than LVF1… but not as good as others like OLYMPUS VF4.
  4. Battery lasts longer than normal live view. About 250 shots with live view increased to over 350 shots.


  1. Every time you want to move focus frame, you need to switch to live view and change by touch-screen..
  2. You could use “Direct Focus” mode to move focus frame by arrow keys, but in that case, it badly spoil the other user interface.
  3. Unable to use external flash with LVF2
  4. When you want to “Play”, on the default setting, you have to view on view finder. It is too small and if you want to see with live view monitor, you will have to switch to live view.
  5. You can use view finder and play on monitor by changing the set-up. But in that case, it takes extra time.

I have been using SLRs for over 30 years and I have bought several accessories such us motor-drive, replacement view finder or etc… but I really did not use them much.

It was just because, those made cameras bigger, heavier and was not that easy to use.
Those were only good for very special occasions.

I think LVF2 is still the same. It completely kills good user interface of GX1 or you will have to have 2 completely different user interface when you are using finder and live view.

So, after the trip to New York, I decided to use it only when I use telephoto zoom and under strong sun.

4 years ago, I was interested in Panasonic GF1. It was a good camera at that time, but I did not buy because I was not happy about LVF1. Then, I have GX1 and LVF2… but still I am not really happy about it.



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