Leica developing micro Four Thirds Mirrorless Camera???

Leica Mirrorless Camera based on Panasonic GM1 by using Adobe Photoshop

Leica Mirrorless Camera based on Panasonic GM1 by using Adobe Photoshop

Leica is going to develop micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera….???

Actually the rumor has been around since micro Four Thirds came out and when GF1 came out, lots of people expected Leica version…. but it did not happen and they brought out X1 with fixed lens. I remember when the scoop photo came out, we were expecting to be micro Four Thirds.

Then, there was another rumor said they were developing APS-C mirrorless… at that time, I predicted Fuji X-pro1 brother… then, it did not happen.

When we heard about “Leica Mini M… ” again we were expecting some kind of mirrorless camera… then, it did not happen again.

I can see Leica is struggling in this market due to their technology level.

M series are way over priced and there is nothing between X series.

From my experience, Leica Digilux 3 was a quite good camera, but there was nothing to replace that position.

At least they have been making Panasonic OEM point & shoots until today,  It is very good idea to have micro Four-Thirds mirrorless. They already have several Leica lenses in this series.

Last year, Leica was saying they did not want to make “Compact camera body with huge lens like Coke can”.

I guess at that time, they were trying to do with bigger APS-C… but as you see the result of X-Vario, they recognized it was not possible to have APS-C with reasonable compact zoom lens. Then, they stopped the project of APS-C mirrorless and came back to micro Four-Thirds… I guess that was the story.

Well… I did not have chance to replace Digilux 3 and now, I am using Pananonic GX1, but if micro Four Thirds comes out, It will be a good replacement for me this time.

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