SONY α7, α7R 35mm full-size mirrorless camera!

Sony α7 and α7R

Sony officially revealed full-frame mirror-less camera.

The rumor had been around quite a while… but it is surprising to me.

First of all SONY NEX always had problem with poor lens design.
Due to the short flange-back and small mount diameter, always the image quality was not impressive especially around the edges.

Then, even with the unimpressive lenses, those were quite big for the size of the body.

If they try to make good lenses, they got huge and had bad balance with tiny body.

If they make compact lenses, the image quality was not impressive at all….

Even with APS-c format was like that… and how can you expect the full-size could get any better?

This time, the body looks like SLR…. well….. it will look better with those huge full-size lenses.

What funny to me was… α has been the brand for A mount and NEX has been for E mount.
But why are they calling it α this time?

To me, it is obvious that they are trying to make slow selling  A mount  retire and shift everything to E mount.

Until today, there were quite a few companies to run 2 lens mount systems.  They always said at the beginning , they were going to continue the old system as well….

But remember Canon FD system, Minolta X system, Olympus OM system and four-thirds system….. all of them announced that they were going to keep both system, but none of them kept the words.

Do you remember Olympus was keep saying they were still developing four-thirds system?

That is how things happens in this world.

To me, full-size mirror-less does not mean a lot. Maybe they are smaller…but still the lenses are huge and expensive for its compact body.

I would say, they are just trying to get rid of A system…. that is all.

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