Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach is not only clothing-optional beach, but also it is part of National Park.

When I was here, the evening sun was creating such a dramatic view.

But…..when I took it, it came as such a boring photos.

Wreck Beach original
This is the original of it….well….it is so boring….

So, what I did was….duplicated layer, then channel masked at the line of trees and removed sky, then created new layer between and added some cloud by using “Cloud brush”.Wreck Beach 2
It looks a bit better…but not good enough.

So,press “ALT, CTRL, Shift & E” to duplicate what I have now  and changed blending mode to “color dodge”.

Wreck Beach 3

This created dramatic sly, but all the green turned into shadow.
So, I copied the Channel mask I made before and inverted it. This is how, the blending option is working only around the sky and water.

Wreck Beach 4

It is much better…but we can make it better.

Again, press “ALT, CTRL, Shift & E” to duplicate whole things, then change blending mode to “Color Dodge”.

In that case, the green looks more dramatic, but I completely lost the sky.
This means if I mask out at the sky, it will look perfect. So, I copied channel mask which I made at the beginning and pasted to this layer.

Wreck Beach

It looks perfect.
I sometimes think digital cameras are more difficult than films due to unnecessary automatic adjustments and narrow dynamic range.

But, at least Photoshop can do lots of things like this example.

Panasonic GX1 + Panasonic 14-42mmF3.5-5.6



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