Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GX7

Panasonic LUMIX DMC GX7 + 40mm

Panasonic LUMIX DMC GX7 + 40mm

Finally,  successor of Panasonic GX1…which I has revealed.

Last Octorbar, there was rumor of its new model “GX2” and tell the truth, the market distribution was getting slower and slower.

Actually, quite a few internet shops stopped selling GX1 at that time and that was how the market price which was keep coming down recovered due to the limited supply.

But, the new model did not arrive to market and we had to wait for another year.

The Biggest sales point is….the built in view finder with Rangefinder looking body shape.

This was what lots of people were waiting for….

Another big thing is the body side image stabilizer which is first for Panasonic.

Panasonic is the pioneer of image stabilizer and they knew Lens side one works better.
That was how even in the same micro four-thirds group, Panasonic was using lens-side image stabilizer and Olympus was body side.

In fact….especially for video, body-side one is just useless and Olympus video is not really impressive.

But with the body-side works for any lens including old lens with lens mount.

Brand-new sensor, Variable angle monitor, dual dial operation…or etc….I think this camera is quite well designed.

Although the body size is a bit bigger than GX1, but I think it is better size for people with bigger hands.

Before, Panasonic had GH, G, GF….and GX1. There were so many model and that was how, GX1 was a quite good camera, but they did not do lots of things they could because they wanted to sell higher priced GH series too.

But now, It is quite well done and GX7 is going to be a top grade of box-type camera.

I guess Panasonic was planning to launch GX2 last year to replace GX1 and it was minor-change version of GX1…but they cancelled the project due to more competition such as SONY NEX6.

Now, they are starting about $1000 for its body. I will wait for another year and it will be reasonable price by the time…

To me, it is the best camera of the year at this stage….


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