Leica mini M…more update…


Now….the box of mini M is a bit more open compare to last post.


Now, we can see more than before.

'Leica Camera AG - Home' - us_leica-camera_com_home

Well…if I see this…I have to say my previous post was wrong. The image of Mini M was everywhere including news site!! But as far as I see, the lens is not as big as the photo we had before.

At least I still think the body is based on X2…..but talk about lens…I have no idea.

leicaminim1As I said last time, the lens is too big on this photo.

It could be zoom lens with APS-C format….or could be 35mm full-size point& shoot….

From the name, It does not sound like big brother of X2. They are calling Mini M….this means It could be 35mm point & shoot like Sony RX1.

At least those Ads. are quite interesting….but it is not attractive to me…



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