New Leica camera is coming in June 11 !!


As the image of website says, Leica new camera called “Mini M” at this point is coming out in 11th of June.

I guess it is going to be the new “Mirrorless camera” they have been talking about…..

First of all, it is between M and X series.

Now, Leica M is about $7,000, M-E is $5,500 and X2 is $2,000 in the United States.
As it shows, Mini M is between M and X….this means the price range would be around $3,500 or so.

Next….what kind of camera is it going to be?
Leica M is good camera for some people…but not for everyone.
S2 is fixed lens camera.

This means Mini M has to be something more reasonable to anyone with inter-changable lens system.

But for Leica, It is too risky to start their own system including Auto-focus by themselves and that will also be quite expensive. That is how, I still think it is going to be OEM model of some Japanese mirrorless camera.

Future LEICA mirrorless camera???

This is something I predicted last year and was based on Fuji X-Pro1.
Back then, they announced that  Mirrorless camera was going to come out soon….but they withdraw the plan later on.

Then, I don’t know what they were doing until now…but at least something is arriving to market soon.

I still believe it is going to be OEM of Fuji X-E1 or future Panasonic GX2.


I bought Leica Digilux 3 five years ago. It was reasonably priced and good camera until today. All I want now is….something to replace the aged Digilux 3!!


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