AMTRAK California Zephyr 2

Truckee river Truckee river 2Now our train is running along Truckee river.

It is near the border of California and Nevada. As you see, the east-side of the range is quite dry.

Reno_NevadaWe arrived to Reno….which is the first town in Nevada and also known for casinos. During daytime, this is very quiet….but as you see the buses behind…..people are ready for American dream tonight.

They say “Biggest little city in the world”…….

Landscape of Nevada

After we left Reno, all we see is the great desert.

Landscape of Nevada 2
90% of the land is owned by government in Nevada. Although it is in the middle of desert, you can see the proof of human being everywhere…..

Landscape of Nevada 3

Landscape of Nevada 4

What is the difference compare to frontier time? Motor-vehicles and electricity…….

Landscape of Nevada 5

No matter how far we go, there is no wild animals…..

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