Amtrak Coast Starlight from LA to San Francisco

Amtrak Coast Starlight from LA

After we left Los Angels, the Coast Starlight train runs throught the inland for a while, then after Oxnand, Ca. we get to the wild coast line.

rak Coast Starlight from LA 2

Wild hill and wild pacific ocean….last time, we completely mist this dynamic landscape because it was night time.


It looks like desert……but it is not…….during the winter, it is the time to turn into green.


Everything is old school….well….the car is Buick Park Avenue which was the latest when I first visited US in late 80s…..This is already classic……

Coast Starlignt_San Luis Obispo CA. 1

We are getting to San Luis Obispo Station.  This Classic looking engine is the symbol of American trains.


We had some brake at Sun Luis Obispo Station.
It is one of the oldest town in California which was established in 1772 and also the mid-point between Los Angels and San Francisco.

At this time, we were 2 hours delay….well… usual……

Now, we are a bit away from the coast line and then, we are going to have exciting inland view very soon.


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