Summer in Auckland, New Zealand

L1020683R2St Heliers bay, Auckland:
It is summer in this time of year in New Zealand. But summer is getting delayed these years and we still don’t have quite clear days.

Long Bay, Auckland:
This is a New Zealand native tree called Pōhutukawa. This time of year, you can see the pretty red flowers near coast line.


This time of year, we still have heavy clouds like winter with stronger sun……it create quite dynamic landscape which is also quite different from winter.L1020365You can see the Downtown Auckland far away….and farming land just in front of me.
This kind of lighting is perfect condition for my Leica camera.
You can feel hot & humid summer air from the image.


St Heliers bay in Auckland:
In the late afternoon….the sun is creating strong contrast. Actually….this is not the good situation for Leica.

It is good to see those photos in dark, wet winter day here in Vancouver this time of the year.

Leica Digilux 3


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