Minolta Maxxum 7000

Minolta_Maxxum 7000Minolt Maxxum 7000 suddenly attacked SLR market in Feb.1885.
Even those days, we were keep hearing rumour about new upcoming new models quite regularly. But talk about Maxxum 7000, there was completely no rumor at all.

It was shocking news not only because the camera was well made….but also there was completely no rumor around.

The biggest reason was….Minolta was in Osaka, not in Tokyo.
In Tokyo, all the other manufactures around and they are using same supplyers…..actually, that is where rumors comes from.
It was the first “2nd generation” of Auto focus SLR. First generations came out around 1982, but they were expensive, limited AF lens and not enough performance.

Then, after that, All the manufacture shifted to multi-mode AE SLRs and nobody was expecting AF when Maxxum came out.

The biggest difference on Maxxum was its compact & reasonably priced lens system and all of them were ready for AF.

Before that, AF SLRs had only one or 2 AF lens which was expensive, huge and slow because everything was built in the AF lens.

But Maxxum had everything in body and even AF motor was built in camera body. That was how the AF lens were very compact and the price was about the same as other MF lenses.

Even as multi-mode AE camera, Maxxum 7000 was almost perfectly made for back then.
That was how, AF era suddenly arrived and it completely changed the market situation.

Minolta had brand new Lens mount for AF…..so, we never knew what was going to happen to other manufacture.

That was how, Minolta Maxxum 7000 was extremely popular……and at the same time, nobody bought any other cameras at that time because people were worried about the future change.

I have been using SLRs for 30 years….but I would say Minolta Maxxum 7000 had a biggest impact against the market.

From the point of today’s view, Maxxum 7000’s AF is extremely slow and can see them treated as junk. Or, even Minolta does not make cameras any more.

Time has changed…….

This was the camera I really wanted at that time…..but I don’t feel anything. It is the sad thing about Electronics cameras.

Performance is everything and nothing else……


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