Canon EOS-M…Worst camera of 2012

Canon_EOS_MEven the standard lens is too big for its compact body.

I will choose EOS-M as the worst camera of year 2012.

Panasonic first launched mirrorless camara G1 in 2008. Then Olympus, Sony, Fuji, Nikon and Pentax joined to the market and this year, finally canon launched EOS-M.

But, what a heck is it?
First of all, it has only 2 lenses and there is no further announcement about that.
What they say is….use EOS lenses with adapter !
SLR lenses are too big for mirrorless.
It even does not have electronic view finder…..

Auto-focus is just like joke. It is worse than Minolta Maxxum 7000 which came out in 1985. The lens is just moving around and never stops.

It is even worse than my CONTAX Tvs Digital which was badly criticized about the AF 10 years ago!!

User interface is amazingly bad….to do any adjustment, you will have to go down the menu and find out what to do….It is like cheap Point & Shoot.
Panasonic is way better designed.

Maybe with the big sensor, the image quality won’t be bad….but before you get good image, the camera simply does not work….!

Struggle to focus, struggle to set up…..

I know Canon can do way better than that….but they did not on purposely because they did not disturb the sales of EOS Rebel…or other SLRs.

So, what are they going to do for next?
If it get better…..then, fewer people will buy SLRs.

They made it so poorly to say “Mirrorless sucks, buy SLRs”. But people know other mirroless cameras are way better than this.

It just reminds me Canon T-80 which just came out right after the sensational Minolta Maxxum7000.

At that time, Canon wanted to use new lens mount for new AF SLRs….but they had to perswade customers first. That was how T-80 came out with poor engineering on purposely.

Then, Eos came out with good AF with new lens mount 2 years later.

To me EOS-M looks exactly the same.
So, what are they going to do the next? They can’t keep making it.
Also APS-C mirrorless is not easy to develop lenses. It is already known with SONY NEX.
Good lenses are too big and compact lens are not that good.

To me, Canon is in dead end especially in mirrorless.


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